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It’s Chaa Time!

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It was one particularly-hot afternoon when I find myself finally checking this quaint tea shop at the local Robinsons Mall. I was just out for some errands at the time and was there to mail some postcards at the 4th floor Post Office and to look for a couple of  trendy t-shirts for me and the little man. I was drawn to this tea shop the first time I saw it and was meaning to give it a try since. Only I never had the chance before as we already have an automatic destination whenever we come here, especially with the little man in tow.  Now that I am venturing here on my own, I gave in and ordered myself a tall glass of their famous Hokkaido concoction.

foodie finds, beverages

I am not sure whether this drink originated from Japan’s second largest island, thus earning its name, or whether it was fashioned after a popular tea there. It would have helped if the woman behind the till was generous with the trivia. But she did mention it was their most popular drink so I was intrigued to check it out. I requested for pearls when she asked for my drink enhancement.

foodie finds, beverages

I took a seat in one of their tables outside while waiting for my drink. I cannot help but take some photos. The store is just lovely and I imagine sitting around here while reading a book, or writing away on my gratitude journal or probably writing on a number of postcards or updating my blog on Eve, perhaps. The place is simply cozy and I love their color scheme, the white-and-orange tables and chairs, as well as the beautiful tree wall decals.  After a few minutes, my tall tea glass is ready to be consumed.

I love the refreshing tea drink it is just perfect for the hot summer weather like today and the fact that I can also adjust the level of sugar to be put to my tea depending on my preference. I think that it is affordable at Php85 per 22Oz glass. Also, I simply love how my drink turned out, not too sweet and just perfect for my palate. I am sure the little man’s playschool classmate, Kayle, agreed as she asked to have a number of sips from my tea! ^_^

I adore tea drinks and am sure I will go back to this lovely orange-y tea shop soon!

Chaa ~ A Healthy Tea Drink
Robinsons Place Malolos
Sumapang Bata
Malolos City, Bulacan

Alaska Crema’s Merry Cremas Food Bazaar

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We went to the Alaska Crema’s Merry Cremas Food Bazaar last December. It was actually unplanned and unaccepted as I only happened to meet a dear blogger friend in an earlier event {my godchild’s first birthday party at McDonald’s ~ Eton} who happened to be going there, too. It was also coincidence that another blogger friend who was inviting people to the said event gave me the go signal to go. We do not have anything planned for that afternoon, plus the little man has not been to Libis, so I happily agreed.

foodie adventure, foodie events

The Merry Cremas Food Bazaar was held at the open park of Eastwood Mall in Libis. The delicious event, sponsored by Alaska Crema, featured a number of food sellers, suppliers and independent online food shops, who joined together to showcase their delicious wares in one delectable event. Each booth featured a bevy of mouth-watering dishes up for sale and free tasting, too. I was able to sample this chewy and yummy Nutella rocks from Baked Bites and I loved it!

foodie adventure, foodie events

There were simply a lot of interesting stuff to much on and to see, and one of those were these lovely Minion-topped cupcakes.The little mans was such a big Minion fan and he really enjoyed looking at these colorful creations. Too bad we were not able to get a box or two, as we were not able to explore a bit more, especially when the little man declared he was tired and sleepy.

foodie adventure, foodie events

I was not able to take a photo of each of the booths and their food displays as by time we got back to the place after strolling and getting some refreshments, the little man was already a bit grumpy and would not budge from a corner where he was comfortably sitting. Probably tired from the children’s party we have attended earlier, I indulged him by sitting in that corner to relax. But just to give you an idea, here is the list of food exhibitors at the said event and yes, they do offer free sample by simply presenting this card. Too bad, I was not able to hop on to each booth and claim my sample. Continue reading

taho for breakfast

Whenever I hear the street peddler shout “taho” every morning I make a mental note to get up earlier the next day so I can buy me a cup or two. So today I was prepared. I was out the door as soon as I heard manong shout. This old Pinoy food reminds me so much of my childhood as I used to eat these with my siblings when I was a little girl. My perfect part is chewing on the gooey pearls and the silken tofu. I usually do not like much arnibal or sweetener as my tummy has low tolerance for it in the morning.

According to Wikipedia “taho is a Philippine snack food made from fresh soft/silken tofuarnibal {sweetener and flavoring}, and sago pearl {similar to tapioca pearls}. This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and taho peddlers can be found all over the country. The Indonesian and Malaysian equivalent of this snack is tauhue.”

Many Filipinos love to have taho for breakfast and I am no exception. I cannot wait for my next taho morning! It is also a perfect companion as I research about the awesome gibson super 400 from musicians friend! 🙂