5 Questions You Can't Afford to Ignore While Filling Out Restaurant Surveys

Planning restaurant surveys is an important step if the restauranteur want their happy customers to recommend the restaurant to their loved ones. Restaurants take enough time to put together all the necessary questions to get the feedback from their clients. They look over every survey that the customers fill out as this is important for their business.

It is important for you to answer every single question on the survey as it helps the restaurant to improve all the things that you did not like. These are 5 questions that you cannot afford to ignore while filling out restaurant surveys:

1. Did you like our service

Whenever you go to a restaurant, service is one thing that impresses you the most. It is important for you to note how well the waiters served you and how long did it take them to serve you your food. Sometimes the atmosphere of the restaurant is quite good yet you refuse to go there because of the service. Surveys at the end have this question because they want to ask you about your expectations when it comes to their restaurant. You can even give them a few suggestions and who knows they might work on your suggestions the next time you visit the restaurant. Negative remarks would definitely help them to improve the quality of the food and give more time to explain their policy to the staff.

2. Are you satisfied with the prices of the dishes

Now this question can have multiple answers. Some of the customers prefer good food in cheap prices while others think that money doesnt matter if the restaurant is providing them with food of their choice. Negative feedback from every customer means that the food prices at a restaurant are definitely high for a common person to come and dine in. It is not necessary for the restauranteur to keep the prices of their dishes same as their competitors. The prices depends on many more factors. One should answer this question so that the restaurant could introduce more cheap dishes for everyone.

3. How satisfied are you with our online services

Many restaurants accepts online orders and sometimes it is convenient for you to just get the food delivered to your doorsteps. It is important for you to answer this question truthfully as most of the restaurants forget about their online services and with your feedback they won't overlook their online services. it is important for the restauranteur to know that their customers are using the appropriate applications to odder food online and what rating are they giving on those applications. This way they can add on more features in their application for the customers to love ordering online.

4. If you could change anything about our restaurant, what would it be

This is a very bold question where you get to take things in your hands. You can ask the restauranteur to improve the quality of the food, the services, atmosphere etc. This question is added in the survey because the staff wants to hear negative and positive feedback from the customers. Sometimes the restauranteur overlook some really small things in a restaurant and so it is important for you to let them know that they need to focus on some specific areas.

5. How likely are you to recommend our restaurant to your family and friends

In this business, it is important for the restauranteur to know that the customers loved the restaurant enough to recommend it to their loved ones. If something is bothering you then you should definitely put it down so that the restauranteur can make an effort to improve whatever is wrong with the food, air conditioning, atmosphere, services etc. Negative feedbacks mean that the business is declining and the restauranteur should look ahead to improve it.

Survey questions are planned wisely and it should be answered correctly. Your answers determine what steps does the staff need to take in order to improve and live up to the expectation of the customers.

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