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Longganisang Lucban is heart!

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Jared’s dad recently traveled to Quezon for work-related stuff and went home with 2 dozens of these delicious Longganisang Lucban. It has been sometime since I ate some so just a few days back I fried a dozen of them for lunch! Paired with a plateful of rice and dipped in vinegar and viola! One perfect lunch is served. I was full and all thoughts of dieting and losing weight flew straight out the window! ^_^

I was actually dreaming of pancit habhab, hardinera and budin while I was having lunch that day! How I loved all those mouth-watering Quezon specialties and wished there is a Buddy’s branch nearby that I can frequent whenever the craving strikes. Oh well I can only hope that I’d be able to eat these delights again and soon!

What delicious local food you had lately?

a not-so-romantic valentine’s dinner date with chic-boy

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My Valentine’s Day date with my little man is really quite unplanned, we just went out for a couple of errands and decide to check out this new mall which we’ve never checked out before. Jared spotted this soft play area and I agreed for him to play there for awhile. When he’s done we just look around the mall for a bit and decide to grab a quick yet satisfying dinner.

I have never eaten in Chic-boy before so I decided we check out this resto, but can you believe the long line? They seem to go on forever that I decided to order for takeout and just eat our meal once we got home. I ordered fresh lumpia, sauteed beans and their trademark chicken dish.

I quickly unpacked our dinner when we got home and served it, thinking the little man was hungry from all the playing and he just might eat solid this time around. I am actually famished myself and thoughts of romantic Valentine’s dinner by candlelight and accompanying soft music, with musicians doing wonders with a guitar pedal board were soon forgotten. And did I mention, in between my growling stomach and tending to my sleepy little man, I forgot to take photos of our feast for that night. It was a good thing I salvaged the brown paper bag that carried our food. 😀

Oh well, may I just note that I love the fresh lumpia and the veggies. The chicken was a bit of a turn-off as, probably in a hurry, a huge chunk of the chicken was not cooked well. Good thing the little man was too sleepy to eat. He was off to zzzland just right after I fed him with a bottle of milk.