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breakfast is served!

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Breakfast is rather tricky as I am normally hunched up in front of the PC to work on pressing online deadlines trying to squeeze them all in before the little man wakes up. So, I’d normally settle on something quick to nibble on as I tinker on my keyboard. Biscuits and similar food staples come handy and on most days, I’d just subsist on a hot mug of coffee as I work the morning away.

Today is a different story altogether, though, as apart from my steaming cup of instant cappuccino, I also have this lovely Krispy Kreme doughnut for my breakfast feast. Sure is more enjoyable to read all about local brochure printing while I munch on the sweet and chewy goodness of my snowflake-designed pastry. Thanks sis for my box of these sweet babies!

I hope you are having an equally enjoyable breakfast experience. Happy Saturday! 🙂

Regent’s Fruits-n-Creme

desserts, free grub, for the sweet-toothed

I chanced upon this Regent product while doing our round of display racks checking for more items to add to our cart during our previous grocery errand. While the little man was running to and fro in search for a skateboard display rack or similar interesting stuff, I was hard up in concentration deciding whether to get one or not. For starters, Php150 is kind of too much to spend on candies that I have not yet tasted {yes, I am a cheapskate like that!} on the other hand, it comes with a free container and I get to have 150 pieces of these Fruits-n-Creme chewy candies. In the end, I decided against it thinking I do not really need the product anyway.

desserts, free grub, for the sweet-toothed

I had a change of heart, though, when I saw this in the display rack when we did our grocery this week. I decided it is rather a good steal to get a free clear container with these candies. Before changing my mind yet again, I quickly grabbed one and placed it on our cart. And I am just glad I did, the candies tasted sooo good, they are addicting. We’d probably finish all the 150 pieces in a couple of days, if I do not stop myself! 🙂

The clear container is just the perfect place to stow my new postcards stash and I did not waste a moment to transfer them all there! So yeah, I am such a happy camper. If you have a sweet tooth loved ones or friends, this sure will make a perfect Christmas gift for them, and you will not only be giving them a bunch of gooey candies to munch on, but also a lovely container to put their stuff in! A win-win situation, right? 😉