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“Boodle Fight sa Bilao” + “Shrimp Wednesday” Only at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

 restaurants, press release, announcement, food press

restaurants, press release, announcement, food press

restaurants, press release, announcement, food press

St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant Boodle Fight sa Bilao Sets on SALE!!!

There are many ways to bond with families and friends and one of those is eating together, enjoying the best food prepared and served with love.

This holiday season, why not eat with your family in the most exciting way – a boodle fight. When it comes to boodle fight, the place to be is at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant. It’s a great thing that they are on sale!

For a special price of Php999.00, the Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set is indeed very affordable compared to other restaurants having the same idea. Restaurant diners have the option to choose from the of other Boodle Fight variants that the restaurant offers like from Palawan, Boracay, to Batangas for the same price of Php999.00.

BEST SELLER: The Hot and Juicy Shrimps

restaurants, press release, announcement, food press

The restaurant’s Hot and Juicy Shrimps are available in the following flavors/variants: regular, spicy, mild, sweet, and medium. The shrimps were sourced from Roxas City,known as the seafood capital of the Philippines. So it is guaranteed fresh!

Trivia: Did you know that Chef Nick personally came up with its signature sauce. And once you tasted it, mapapa extra-rice ka talaga! Continue reading

It’s Tea Time!

I am a self-confessed coffeeholic. My day never starts {and my parts never function properly} until I got my first cup of the day. When I get bored, or run out of ideas to write, or get lazy to eat a proper meal, I go fix me another cup and before I knew it, I have downed 3-4 cups before my day ends. And even I get worried. Even when drinking coffee is truly enjoyable and it comes handy whenever I have headaches, over-consumption of caffeine has its downside and I must really do something about it.

That is why I decided to give tea a try. I have tried it before but I thought it was far less exciting than drinking coffee. Tea flavor is simply too bland for me and I thought I needed the kick that coffee gives. That is until I discovered there are actually tea brands and flavors that taste great! Like this Organic Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple from English Tea Shop, for example. I got this from a package I received last Christmas and since I am not really into teas, this box has been sitting in my cupboard for almost a year now. Turns out, it was the best tea I have ever tasted and now I am hooked!

I love the sweet hint of apple and the yummy raspberry flavor! And since this is organic, there is no cause for alarm when I consume up to 4 cups a day! It is perfect for this cold, Christmas weather and whenever I am feeling lazy and needed something to wake me up. It is also great company while working on my laptop writing this post about jazzmaster pickguard or while reading a new book. I will soon run out of my favorite tea and I sure hope I can find this in my local supermarket. I would also appreciate it if someone will gift me with this for Christmas! 🙂

Do you also love tea? Which flavor can you recommend?