How to impress your college friends with cooking skills

Food is an aspect of college life that is mostly ignored by students. The staple diet of students comprises instant noodles, fast and processed foods, and unhealthy but tasty snacks full of undesirable fats. Students get very little time to hone their cooking skills and they also grapple with lack of resources. However, you would be surprised to know that there are many delicious and nutritious recipes that you can cook easily in your dorm room to impress other students with your cooking abilities.

Scrambled eggs

Eggs are very versatile food items that can be eaten in many different ways. Most students like to eat boiled eggs as they are easily prepared without any effort. However, you can also make scrambled eggs without much effort and it is one recipe where you have little or no chances of going wrong. Just break a few eggs (2-3) and pour them in a bowl. Now add ingredients like milk, salt, pepper etc and mix them thoroughly. Place the bowl inside a microwave for 3 minutes and you and your friends are ready to eat your scrambled eggs.


This is another breakfast dish that can be easily made in just a few minutes to surprise your friends with your culinary skills. You can make porridge with oats and milk or water. Take half a cup of oats in a bowl and mix them thoroughly with equal amount of water or milk. You can add cinnamon or berries to your porridge to make it tasty. Place the bowl inside the microwave for 5 minutes and you are ready to serve your friends a healthy and delicious breakfast.

French toast

This is yet another breakfast recipe that also serves as a dessert. Take 4-5 bread pieces and dip them in eff mix taken in a bowl. Add some sugar and milk an dplace these bread pieces insdie the microwave for 5 minutes. Your crispy and delicious French toast recipe is ready to serve to your friends.

Baked potato

If your friends turn up on an afternoon, it is difficult to satisfy their hunger with the above mentioned breakfast recipes. But mention baked potato to them and they will readily agree to have lunch in your room. You can surprise your friends with delicious baked potatoes that are stuffed or unstuffed by baking them inside a microwave. You can eat this comfort food for lunch before going out with your friends for drinks in the outdoors.

Prepare yummy soup

If you have some vegetables bought from the grocery store still lying unused, you can surprise your friends by preparing delicious soup for them. Cut them into small pieces and boil in a bowl of water inside microwave. Stir vigorously and add some salt and pepper before serving the soup to your friends.


Pasta is one dish that is easy to make and it is also good for your health. All it takes to prepare pasta is to empty the contents from a pack of pasta and boil them in a bowl of water, stirring occasionally so that they do not set together. If you want to serve proper dinner meal to your friends, just pair this pasta with some garlic bread and cheese. For drinks, you can find some cheap white wine to have a party with your friends in your dorm room.

Rice and egg with veggies

This is another wonder meal that can be easily prepared to surprise your friends with your culinary skills. Soak a cup of rice in water for a few minutes and then add egg mix and some vegetables finely cut. Place the ingredients inside microwave and take out steaming rice with eggs and vegetables after 5 minutes.

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