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Comfort Food: Taho


Taho is one of my favorite Pinoy treats. I crave for it from time to time. Recently, I was lucky to catch the street peddler one morning and had the delectable experience of having this for my morning snack {the peddler normally rounds up our neighborhood around 9am, and it was too late for my breakfast as I normally take it at 7 or earlier}.

As always, a jarful of taho is enough to keep the late morning hunger pangs at bay and keep me full until lunch. It is best taken hot and with less sweetener and loads of sago.

Do you also love this local delicacy and when was the last time you had one?

French Baker’s Cinnamon Roll For Breakfast

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But first, breakfast. And I am having this yummy cinnamon roll before tackling my day. A blessed Sunday to all! 💗

Been shying away from breads and pastries when I fell ill with coughs and colds the past weeks, so I am seriously craving for them now that I am feeling much better. It is a good thing my brother brought me this for pasalubong. I was too full to have this last night and decided to just have it for today’s breakfast, instead.

I am not a big fan of cinnamon roll but this one from French Baker is absolutely yummy! It is massive, too, that it took me until late Sunday afternoon to finish this whole piece. It was the perfect pair for my morning coffee and my afternoon tea!

Hopefully, Ken will be generous enough to get me another cinnamon roll before he heads home this weekend. Who knows, maybe he’ll throw in some Choco Chip and Blueberry Muffins and a couple of Tuna Turnover, too! 😀