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A New Batch Of Goodies From Joe & Cherry Just Arrived!

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I really loved what I ordered from Joe & Cherry the last time so I decided to order a couple of more items for their July shipping. It sure took a little while for the items to arrive since they will be shipped from the US, but it sure is worth the wait. I ordered a number of items this time around, including the well-talked about Cocoa Almond Spread together with a few more items and the Katella Bagel Chips, which I am most excited about! I cannot wait to know how this one will taste. Just the mention of bagel and Parmesan is making my mouth water!

Oh well, it is a good thing I do not have to wait for much longer as my orders just recently arrived! I cannot wait to sample each of them + I will let you know how my gastronomic adventure goes. 😉

If you would like to order Trader’s Joe and other imported delicious goodies, do not forget to check out Joe & Cherry, one of the owners is a friend of mine. And did I mention I am about to place my next order as soon as I am done reading all about these awesome silver maple leaf from Canada? 😉

It’s Pizza Friday!

We were cooped up at home all day because of the unexpected change in our schedule. My sister, Isabel, was also at home to spend the day with us so we thought it was the best time to order from one of our favorite restaurant and dine together at home come dinner time. It has been awhile since we did this since my other siblings are preoccupied with their work so I was just delighted that we were able to to it again tonight.

Shakey’s is one of our go-to restaurants if we want some delicious food delivered and fast. For tonight we are in the mood to eat pizza, so we ordered their Manager’s Choice variant, and got Hawaiian pizza {which we got for free thanks to our card}, a basket of chicken and mojos and an additional order of their chicken and corn soup for the little man.

Our orders arrived within the time frame that was indicated by Shakey’s and dinner was served in no time! Although the little man only had a couple of spoonful of chicken and the soup, the grown ups enjoyed the little feast, especially the thin-crusted Manager’s Choice pizza that has a little bit of everything on top. I bet you can tell that someone is excited to sample it, thus the i n c o m p l e t e pizza photo! 😀

Nothing beats having a simple dinner with the people you love on a Friday night. It is a perfect way to relax after a tiring week and a perfect opportunity to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives. The little man was busy watching the telly or playing with his favorite game on my phone, but he also loved to have spend time with his tito and titas.

All that’s missing is lovely, soothing music from gretsch guitar or similar instrument, otherwise we really enjoyed our dining experience and we are all looking forward to the next one! 🙂

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