of food + music

“Food is music to the body, music is food to the heart.” ~ Gregory David Roberts

If there is one thing both food and music have in common, it has got to be that they both offer nourishment to our body. Food gives us all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that we need to do our day-to-day activities, not to mention the endless satisfaction while downing those mouth-watering dishes, whereas music functions much like fuel that keeps our hearts and souls going.

There’s no wonder why if you’d ask around, food and music will probably rate amongst the top things that most people enjoy. We love eating good food as much as we enjoy losing ourselves in the strings and strains that exceptional Roland spun to create a beautiful song.

Oh well, today is yet another day to enjoy the best of this worlds! Happy eating! ^_^

image is from www.freedigitalphotos.net

foodie loot from gastronomy by joy

food, foodie loot

I won this giveaway at Gastronomy by Joy a few months back. I was not able to get my prize as I wasn’t available to go to Manila during the time Joy was doling out the loots. It was a good thing she agreed to hand-carry my prize on the previous event we both attended late last year. I finally got my prize!

The food items included in my loot are: 2 packs of chocolate desserts {which I totally love}, several packs of Maggi Magic Meals {which I have yet to try}, a number of powder juice drinks, a couple of Clara Olè salad dressings, an assortment of spices which I can use for cooking.

If I will be lucky to win a number of these food giveaways, I should make sure I have extra under drawer slides to stash these items away! 😉

Thank you so much Joy for my delicious loots! ^_^