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trying happy lemon concoctions for the first time

beverages, Happy Lemon, short order

I have been meaning to give this a try since I chanced upon a tv program that featured this up + coming joint. + finally after a few months of wondering how it would taste like, I managed to satisfy my curiosity when we had our first taste of this thirst-quenching drink from Happy Lemon. I ordered a large Cocoa Rock Salt + Cheese + I must say I am hooked + I cannot wait for the second helpings!

short orders, beverages, Happy Lemon

The queue was considerably long when we lined up at the Trinoma Branch of Happy Lemon for our orders. But it was all worth the trouble + the wait. We had quite a long day that hot + humid Sunday afternoon + this smooth combination of sweet + salty is a perfect way to cool us down + cap the day away. For Php100, I’d say it is worth every cent. I will definitely be back for more. They also have a variety of cool items I would like to try, including the Lemon Yogurt with Aloe, Lemon Yakult, Deluxe Cocoa with Pudding + Pearl Sago! How I wish there is local branch nearby! 🙂

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