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An Aristocrat Kiddie Party Meal

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We had the chance to attend an Aristocrat Kiddie Party just last week and we really had quite a wonderful experience. This is the adult platter I got for myself and I must tell you, even when I was not able to sample all the dishes that were served that day, I simply love their pork barbecue with peanut java sauce, as well as the fresh lumpiang ubod, being a veggie lover myself. I also love the crunchy fish fillet with tartar sauce.

foodie adventures, dining out, restaurants

And can you just imagine the meal platter they served for the kiddos? Yes, they have a separate meal for the kids and it is fully loaded with burger, chicken lollies, pork barbecue and spaghetti. Any child would have been delighted, except for my little man who has very unique food fetish.

foodie adventures, dining out, restaurants

Oh well, we also capped our meal with this decadent dessert, which name escapes me now, it was recommend to us by one of the party hostesses and who am I to pass up the chance, right? And I am glad I tried it. It was delicious without being too sweet. Just the way I like my desserts.

This one-of-a-kind kiddie party is simply one of the best we’ve attended. It was complete with clowns on stilts, story telling activities as well with a magical kalesa ride come sunset. I bet if the birthday celebrants asked for it, the hosts will gladly throw cushions on the patio and decorate the entire place with their favorite Cartoon characters, too!

The Aristocrat
Roxas Boulevard Branch
432 San Andress Street, Malate, Manila
{632}524-7671 up to 80

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a not-so-romantic valentine’s dinner date with chic-boy

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My Valentine’s Day date with my little man is really quite unplanned, we just went out for a couple of errands and decide to check out this new mall which we’ve never checked out before. Jared spotted this soft play area and I agreed for him to play there for awhile. When he’s done we just look around the mall for a bit and decide to grab a quick yet satisfying dinner.

I have never eaten in Chic-boy before so I decided we check out this resto, but can you believe the long line? They seem to go on forever that I decided to order for takeout and just eat our meal once we got home. I ordered fresh lumpia, sauteed beans and their trademark chicken dish.

I quickly unpacked our dinner when we got home and served it, thinking the little man was hungry from all the playing and he just might eat solid this time around. I am actually famished myself and thoughts of romantic Valentine’s dinner by candlelight and accompanying soft music, with musicians doing wonders with a guitar pedal board were soon forgotten. And did I mention, in between my growling stomach and tending to my sleepy little man, I forgot to take photos of our feast for that night. It was a good thing I salvaged the brown paper bag that carried our food. 😀

Oh well, may I just note that I love the fresh lumpia and the veggies. The chicken was a bit of a turn-off as, probably in a hurry, a huge chunk of the chicken was not cooked well. Good thing the little man was too sleepy to eat. He was off to zzzland just right after I fed him with a bottle of milk.