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Birthday Lunch at Hap Chan

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On my birthday we decided to have late lunch at Hap Chan, which is just a couple of minutes drive away from our place.  We have not tried eating there before but have tasted a couple of their dishes through takeaways and we loved their food. So we thought it was only fitting that we eat there on my birthday.

food musings, food adventures, dining out, restaurants

food musings, food adventures, dining out, restaurants

We ordered only a couple of dishes since there are only 3 of us who will eat all the servings. We chose their birthday noodles {Php230}, 2 of their jumbo siopaos {Php90 each}, an order of their chicken feet {Php85}, as this is one of my fave dishes but have not eaten some for the longest time! We also ordered pineapple juice for the little man and a green mango shake for me {my fave, too!}. And did I mention we are also served a complementary pot of hot tea, which I absolutely enjoyed!

food musings, food adventures, dining out, restaurants

The little man loved their birthday noodles and was able to finish the serving I put on his plate. He did not like the pineapple juice much as it tastes different from the canned pineapple juice he was so accustomed to so he opted for his water bottle, instead. I particularly loved the chicken feet and thought they had a rather small serving and wished we ordered another one. 😀

food musings, food adventures, dining out, restaurants

It is our first time to dine here at Hap Chan and I must say it is quite a pleasant experience I wouldn’t mind doing again soon. I was so full that I was not able to finish the rest of my jumbo siopao. I love the ambiance of the restaurant and there was not much crowd when we got there so we did not have to wait to be seated. I have taken a few snaps after we finished our meal while my little man was playing. Thank heavens for one perfect birthday lunch! ^_^

Hap Chan Restaurant
Philstar Mrkt. Building
Tikay, Malolos City, Bulacan
{044} 794-0238

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We finally managed to get out of the house recently, and ate in one of my favorite restaurants, Kenny Rogers Roasters. Of course, we had our usual order of chicken and a couple of side dishes. I had my current favorite, potato salad and the classic mac n’ cheese. It was a good thing that even though the branch in Trinoma was brimming with people as usual, we still managed to find a table as soon as we got there. Nothing looks better than the site of families and friends bonding together over good food with lovely, relaxing music in the background. I bet restaurants play these music on purpose to whet their customers appetites even more.  They have probably equipped their businesses with top-of-the-line players and stock up on those great CD collections. They must have also invested on other music gears and instruments and save on recording king resonator guitar at guitar center by buying them in bulk. 

Oh well, I had to eat the whole platter by myself since Jared opted for another serving of Chowking’s Pancit Canton. Needless to say, I was so full after we are done eating, that I had to rest for a bit while the little man tinkers with my mobile phone playing one of his favorite apps. But it was all good, as I know meals from this restaurant are not only satisfying but also healthy. I look forward to our next family date and dining out adventure. 🙂

A New Batch Of Goodies From Joe & Cherry Just Arrived!

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I really loved what I ordered from Joe & Cherry the last time so I decided to order a couple of more items for their July shipping. It sure took a little while for the items to arrive since they will be shipped from the US, but it sure is worth the wait. I ordered a number of items this time around, including the well-talked about Cocoa Almond Spread together with a few more items and the Katella Bagel Chips, which I am most excited about! I cannot wait to know how this one will taste. Just the mention of bagel and Parmesan is making my mouth water!

Oh well, it is a good thing I do not have to wait for much longer as my orders just recently arrived! I cannot wait to sample each of them + I will let you know how my gastronomic adventure goes. 😉

If you would like to order Trader’s Joe and other imported delicious goodies, do not forget to check out Joe & Cherry, one of the owners is a friend of mine.  And did I mention I am about to place my next order as soon as I am done reading all about these awesome silver maple leaf from Canada? 😉