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lunchdate at mary grace cafe

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

I have been meaning to try Cafe Mary Grace but never found the time and the budget for it. Good thing I finally managed to give this restaurant a try when I went on a playdate with my mum friends from my old work and their tots last month. One of my friend, Moi, also wanted to eat at the place so it was our hands down choice for lunch that day.

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

I simply love pasta and meatballs so I opted for their Pasta Ametriciana With Italian Meatballs {Php232}, while one of my friends ordered their Vongole Pasta {sea foods}. In addition, we also ordered a pitcher of their Homemade Iced Tea {Php 246} and an order of their Italian Sausage pizza {Php440}. I simply love everything! ^_^

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

I also love the cafe. Everything is simply beautiful, from the whimsical hanging decorations in the ceiling, to the lovely notes in the equally wonderful table set-up, to the mismatched plates! I also love that they have these little hooks under the table where you stow away your belongings while dining it, and attentive staff, to boot! I also particularly love that they have all-natural, no-preservatives premium ingredients in their food. Apart from that, the food is simply divine and for those who have bigger appetite, am sure they will also appreciate the generous serving of their meals.

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

We had a very pleasurable lunchdate, feasting on our delectable meals while exchanging wonderful stories and trying to catch up on each other’s lives. It has been ages, after all, since we last saw each other.

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

It was a good thing the little men occupied themselves playing games while the mums finished our delightful meals. I thoroughly enjoyed our Cafe Mary Grace experience and I give this place 5 thumbs up! I do hope we can eat there again real soon.

Have you tried Cafe Mary Grace? I would love to hear about your experience in a comment below and do not forget to check out this interesting site where I found a tuxedo vest perfect for future fine dining experience, while you are at it! 🙂

Mary Grace Cafe
Lower Ground Floor ~ SM Aura Premier
C5 Road cor 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City

music and dining out

We finally managed to get out of the house recently, and ate in one of my favorite restaurants, Kenny Rogers Roasters. Of course, we had our usual order of chicken and a couple of side dishes. I had my current favorite, potato salad and the classic mac n’ cheese. It was a good thing that even though the branch in Trinoma was brimming with people as usual, we still managed to find a table as soon as we got there. Nothing looks better than the site of families and friends bonding together over good food with lovely, relaxing music in the background. I bet restaurants play these music on purpose to whet their customers appetites even more. They have probably equipped their businesses with top-of-the-line players and stock up on those great CD collections. They must have also invested on other music gears and instruments and save on recording king resonator guitar at guitar center by buying them in bulk.

Oh well, I had to eat the whole platter by myself since Jared opted for another serving of Chowking’s Pancit Canton. Needless to say, I was so full after we are done eating, that I had to rest for a bit while the little man tinkers with my mobile phone playing one of his favorite apps. But it was all good, as I know meals from this restaurant are not only satisfying but also healthy. I look forward to our next family date and dining out adventure. 🙂