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Sweet Treats + More At Wence’ Dessert Cafe

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Aglio Olio a la Romana {Php79}

My nephew, Sean celebrated his 11th birthday earlier this month and he requested that we treat him to Wence’ Dessert Cafe . We’ve been wanting to try the place out but never got the chance to do it yet, so we set out to visit the place on Sunday afternoon.

It was a full house that afternoon and we were made to wait outside for awhile until a table is available. After several minutes, we were informed that a table for 6 has been vacated at the 2nd floor.

It is a very small place and since it was packed with diners that day, it was a relief to be upstairs where there are less people and noise. I wish they’d made the windows bigger, though, as the limited space upstairs is really claustrophobic! Continue reading

More Fruits!


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Fruits are my absolute favorites! They are staples in my grocery cart every time we go to the supermarket to replenish our small pantry. Some of items that I always put in my cart include oranges, mangoes, and banana. I have recently discovered the love for grapefruit and I make it a point to get a piece or two of this fruit whenever we do our grocery. One of the local supermarkets are well-stocked with fruits, even rare ones like blueberries that you do not see in the other groceries, so it is always a treat going there.

Fruits are perfect for desserts, especially for those who do not want the additional calories that sweets come with. They are also perfect to munch on while working on an article about sandberg bass or for snacking.

This rainy season {also known as the flu season}, it is very wise to load up on fruits that are rich in Vitamin C to keep the snuffles and other sickness at bay. Juices from lemon and calamansi are also perfect to soothe sore throat and the beginning of coughs. Just put a spoonful of honey to make it even healthier and more effective. It is also always wise to shop for the fruits in season as these fruits cost a lot cheaper. I am eyeing to get a kilo or 2 of my favorite lanzones before they are gone from the fruit stands, so I am scheduling a trip to the local market as soon as the rain lets up. I sure hope I can also influence my little one to eat yummy fruits soon. I try sneaking in pieces of grapes and slices of oranges and apples onto his lunchbox but they always return home, untouched.

What is your favorite fruit and where do you get them?