Aiming To Eat Healthier This Year

In my goal to be more mindful and intentional this year, I would also like to practice this in another area of my life ~ eating! Yes, on some occasions, I can be snacking mindlessly or skipping breakfast due to innumerable reasons, and I know these are not healthy eating practices. So this year, I will thrive to be more mindful of what I eat and eating on time, especially when I am alone at home in the afternoon {and I would often skip lunch in favor of chores or online tasks}.

Here are a few more things that I will also practice this year so I can eat healthier:

  • Ditch the chips ~ I am most likely to end up mindless-snacking on chips when I have a bunch of them stashed in the pantry, so, in order to lessen this unhealthy practice, I will ditch the junk food and would rather stock up on fresh fruits and veggies to munch on in between meals. Of course, I will also indulge on these yummy and tasty snacks but not all the time!
  • Switch to Wheat Bread ~ Wheat bread are way healthier than the white counterpart, they even have more fiber in them, which makes them all the more healthier. Late last year, I discovered Gardenia’s High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf and I loved it! It is not only cholesterol-free, it also has 0 transfat and because it has raisins, it even has more vitamins and minerals. It is a joy eat, really, and I love pairing it with coffee for breakfast and with tea for my afternoon snack. It also goes well with most of my spreads at home.
  • Eat less rice ~ This might be a bit difficult to accomplish because I simply love eating rice, but slowly but surely I will mindfully eat less rice, especially at night. I will try to eat 1 cup for each meal and ditch the rice during breakfast to opt for bread or fruits.
  • Drink less coffee ~ Coffeeholic that I am, this is one of the hardest things to give up. But, last year, I tried taking just one cup a day and drink tea for the rest of the day. Coffee might have health benefits, too, but they do more harm that good when taken in excess, so I really have to keep my coffee consumption in check. I am loving my tea, too, so I am hoping this will be a lot easier now.
  • Go easy on pork ~ If only I could, I would really love to ditch pork altogether and opt for seafood and chicken, which are healthier. During our Media Noche feast, we ditched pork and opted for shrimps, and I hope I can continue to do this for the rest of the year.

I know eating healthy may not be very easy to do but I sure hope I can develop the habit more and teach my little one to do the same. I will also constantly look for healthy dishes to prepare at home. Will be searching for healthy snack recipes as soon as I am done reading all about this cool 18 inch subwoofer at Guitar Center!

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