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fruits, fruits, fruits!

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Fruits are my ultimate comfort food and I cannot go an entire week without having a few servings of my favorites. That is why I was rather relieved to finally be able to go to the grocers recently to stock up on some items in our pantry. I have been craving for some fruits for a while now so I made sure I stop by the fruits section to check out the items available there. And yes, I did not leave empty-handed as I was able to get a bunch of fresh fruits to bring home.

I got a couple of these big oranges, a number of kiwi, a medium-sized papaya and this big guava. I needed the Vitamin C boost, plus am hoping my little man will finally take interest in them. He needed it, too, so he won’t suffer another nerve-wracking asthma attack. I really wish I can begin juicing soon. It would be great to be serving freshly-made juices to my son regularly at home! I just hope I can save enough to get me a nice juicer soon.

Anyway, can I just add that it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Why, you’d ask? Because of the lovely Christmas ornaments on display and the current sale that is happening in the grocers and the entire mall. A lot of interesting items are up for a much cheaper price at the mall’s department store, including those huge LCD monitors, this excellent bt-105 and a lot of other items. If I am not pressed for time and needed to be home much earlier, I would’ve taken a look around to see if I can get something nice for myself or the little man. Oh well, maybe next time!

Anyway, what fruits did you buy for you and your family recently?

Cooking Hotdog Fried Rice For The First Time

My son loves hotdogs so much that there are times when it is the only thing he wants to eat. Of course, consuming this product is not entirely healthy that I make it a point to serve it to him at least twice or three times a week only.

As a child I also loved eating hotdogs and I remember my Mama cooking up this fried rice recipe for breakfast. I have low tolerance for anything oily that is why when I was little, this is the only type of fried rice that I eat. What sets this fried rice apart? It has my favorite hotdogs in it! 🙂

So one Sunday while feeling frustrated that the little man did not touch his breakfast which he actually requested { I bought him a pack of Honey Star cereals since he asked that we buy it the last time we were down at the grocers}, a light bulb flashed in my head! I quickly gathered my main ingredients, hotdogs and the leftover rice from last night. To make my own version of my Mama’s fried rice more appealing, I sprinkled it with a little turmeric to add color, and to make it healthier, too.

At first the little man seemed not interested with this new breakfast, but after a while, he was able to eat a considerable amount!

Mission accomplished for this mum of a picky eater and it is time now to start writing about The Equ Corners sheets. Hopefully, I will be able to cook more food that Jared will like and actually eat. Any ideas? 🙂