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Aiming To Eat Healthier This Year

In my goal to be more mindful and intentional this year, I would also like to practice this in another area of my life ~ eating! Yes, on some occasions, I can be snacking mindlessly or skipping breakfast due to innumerable reasons, and I know these are not healthy eating practices. So this year, I will thrive to be more mindful of what I eat and eating on time, especially when I am alone at home in the afternoon {and I would often skip lunch in favor of chores or online tasks}.

Here are a few more things that I will also practice this year so I can eat healthier: Continue reading

It’s Tea Time!

I am a self-confessed coffeeholic. My day never starts {and my parts never function properly} until I got my first cup of the day. When I get bored, or run out of ideas to write, or get lazy to eat a proper meal, I go fix me another cup and before I knew it, I have downed 3-4 cups before my day ends. And even I get worried. Even when drinking coffee is truly enjoyable and it comes handy whenever I have headaches, over-consumption of caffeine has its downside and I must really do something about it.

That is why I decided to give tea a try. I have tried it before but I thought it was far less exciting than drinking coffee. Tea flavor is simply too bland for me and I thought I needed the kick that coffee gives. That is until I discovered there are actually tea brands and flavors that taste great! Like this Organic Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple from English Tea Shop, for example. I got this from a package I received last Christmas and since I am not really into teas, this box has been sitting in my cupboard for almost a year now. Turns out, it was the best tea I have ever tasted and now I am hooked!

I love the sweet hint of apple and the yummy raspberry flavor! And since this is organic, there is no cause for alarm when I consume up to 4 cups a day! It is perfect for this cold, Christmas weather and whenever I am feeling lazy and needed something to wake me up. It is also great company while working on my laptop writing this post about jazzmaster pickguard or while reading a new book. I will soon run out of my favorite tea and I sure hope I can find this in my local supermarket. I would also appreciate it if someone will gift me with this for Christmas! 🙂

Do you also love tea? Which flavor can you recommend?