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Biko ~ A Favorite Filipino Mirienda

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I am lucky to chance upon this old lady selling this Filipino kakanin we call biko last weekend. It has been ages since I had some and I really missed eating this! I remember when my Mama used to make this at home, along with a lot of other delicious food and treats! I wish now more than ever that I have inherited my mama’s cooking prowess so that I might be able to make some of these whenever I have cravings. From what I know, this local delicacy is made from sticky rice and coconut milk, topped with latik and grated coconut. Yum!

Anyway, this biko sure is a very welcome treat especially that I was busy doing chores that I was not able to prepare some snacks. I got 2 slices for Php14 each, which I thought is a good buy considering how good it tasted! It was a perfect match for a steaming cup of my newly-favorite tea. I just wish the little man would have a bite or two. I finished the last slice just before I finished reading all about this cool article on the diary of a madman tab.

Nanay, the biko peddler, said she cooks different treats daily, hopefully I get lucky to catch her selling her delicious wares in our neighborhood again very soon! 🙂

Fine Dining At The Conservatory

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I had the pleasure of dining at The Conservatory of The Manila Peninsula recently when I attended the Downy Timeless Mother’s Day event. They have prepared a sumptuous feast for all the mums in attendance that day. For starters, we are served delicious breads and pastries, as well as cheese and butter, while waiting for the meal to be served.

restaurants, food musings, foodie adventures

Insalata caprese was served next to to open our palates. The salad is a refreshing mix of sliced fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, and seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil. I love this salad and it is also my first time to try fresh buffalo mozzarella.

To get ready for our main meal, our hearty vegetable was served next. This is a tasty medley of vegetables, sauteed green beans and bok choy, diced sweet potatoes and yams, tomato and cabbage, with fresh herb and spices and I enjoyed it!

restaurants, food musings, foodie adventures

For the main course, I got a plateful of spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken breast with lemon garlic potato, zucchini, eggplant, Parmesan tower, topped with saffron tomato sauce. I find the chicken breast a bit bland but I love that this meal had rice and a couple of crunchy greens on the side. Continue reading