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this is the only photo of the food we managed to snap that day.

This new resto at Robinsons Place Malolos captivated the little one’s attention the very first time we passed by it. I think he got excited with the unique and colorful set up of the place and associated it with those fun and enjoyable play places for kids that he love to frequent.

The place sure does have a very fresh and interesting set up, as instead of just tables and chairs that we normally find in regular restaurants, Little Chalet has little rooms where diners can eat with their family and friends in privacy. Each room also come in beautiful colors that are such an eye candy to little kids.

We went there afternoon of New Year’s day and even when there are a lot of customers around that time, I am relieved we only got to wait for a couple of minutes to be seated. We were motioned to occupy the lovely yellow room downstairs {yes, there are more rooms in the mezzanine}.

Upon checking the menu, we are a bit disappointed that there are limited options for those who want to eat rice. Although they have an assortment of pasta and side dishes, as well as burgers and sandwiches, and a number of beverages and desserts to choose from, there were only too few choices for those who prefer to eat rice. We settled for friend chicken, buffalo wings, and mini burgers. The burgers and buffalo wings were okay, but the fried chicken is a bit dry and the serving is too small for its 300-peso price tag.

The little one enjoyed our Little Chalet visit and had loads of fun climbing the small window of our “room” and playing about, so I really like the fun factor. I also love that entertaining music, coming from an mk 15 or anything similar, softly plays in the background serenading the people as they eat. The friendly and attentive staff is also commendable. If they will only expand their menu and include more dishes for rice-loving folks like me, I am sure we will be coming back soon! 🙂

Little Chalet
G/F Robinsons Place ~ Malolos, Malolos City
{044}794.4822 / 0922.894.8187
Facebook: #/Little-Chalet-Diner-1683170555275050
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlechaletph

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