Eng Bee Tin’s Hopia Ube

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I chanced upon an Eng Bee Tin branch on my recent visit to Manila and I got one of these Hopia Ube packs. These are my faves and I seldom eat them now as there are no local stores that sell them in our city. I had to stop the urge to hoard, so I just got me a couple of hopia packs in different flavors. As I queue towards the till, I saw these very interesting tikoy rolls, I never tried those but they sure looks very promising, so I got a pack, too!

I opened my Ube-flavored hopia today and paired it with a mug of steaming coffee for one perfect breakfast combo! I enjoyed it to bits and now that I think about it, I should’ve horded a couple more packs so that I can get to eat them for a while longer! ^_^

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