Gastronomic Adventure At Farmacy

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Not too long ago, I had quite a gastronomic adventure at Farmacy. No, I did not overdose on meds, as Farmacy is also a name of a lovely ice cream and soda fountain place in Bonifacio Global City. They serve homemade ice cream and sorbet, as well as decadent ice cream floats and desserts. They have also expanded and are now serving burger meals, as well as salads.

Ironically, I was not able to sample any of their desserts and ice cream as I opted for a heavy meal, as I am quite famished at the time having taken a meal very early that day in order to finish the tasks I had at hand. I ordered the Farmacy Burger {Php250}, which is made up of 100 grams of US ground beef chuck, topped with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and generously drizzled with homemade Thousand Island. The meal comes with a generous serving of french fries. I also had a tall glass of Green Tea Mojito {Php130}, a non-alcoholic concoction with a thirst-quenching combination of pineapple and basil. I love the big servings here, in fact, I was not able to finish my burger and had to share half of it with my one of my friends. I no longer have enough space in my tummy for desserts afterwards, though, that I was not able to order any of their specialty ice cream and sodas, which is just too bad, I know. I am now making a mental note to go back to the place and sample some of their delicious sweet treats, especially their Dusty Road Sundae and Calamansi Creamsicle.

foodie adventures, burgers, restaurants

It sure was one gastronomic adventure. I love the beautiful ambiance and the lovely accents they have added to contribute to the mood, most especially the tea candles on mason jars on each table. We were dining al fresco that day and was not able to check out the interior of the restaurant, but from what I can see from my spot outside, the inside is even prettier and has even more accents to make anyone’s dining experience a pleasure. Beautiful piped in music is also playing to serenade the diners while they eat, whetting their appetites even more. I am not sure if they have one of those music instruments from MusiciansFriend secure, but music sure makes any experience better and dining and eating are no exception.

GF Netlima Building
4th Avenue corner 26th Street,
BGC, Taguig City
02 8873622
Opening Times: Mon ~ Wed: 12nn~12mn,
Thurs ~ Sat: 12nn-2am, Sun: 10am-10pm

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