gavino’s japanese doughnuts

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I was able to sample these gooey and chewy Gavino’s Japanese donuts when I attend last year’s Blogapalooza and I must say I really fell in love with its delicious taste. It is not your usual donut and it also comes in a bevy of exciting and new flavor, like sourcream, for example. Unfortunately, I was not able to come across a Gavino’s Donuts branch and I was not able to try the other variants and flavors they have available. I would’ve really loved to sample their Mochi donut varieties.

food musings, donuts, foodie finds

According to their Facebook Page, Gavino’s have already opened numerous branches around the metro, including the one at Trinoma. Hopefully they will also open one nearby so I can get to taste their delicious donuts again without having to travel very far. These delectable donuts would make a great partner for a hot cup of coffee, especially when I am working in the wee hours of the morning, finishing work deadlines and other stuff online, like this post about rgb3c, for instance! 🙂

For more information about this new donut brand, you may want to visit the Gavino’s Donuts Facebook Page, #/pages/Gavinos-Donuts-Coffee-Milk-Tea/294959490566117

Note: This post is not, in anyway, sponsored by Gavino’s Donuts.

Get Your Free McMuffin From McDonald’s

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image is from the mcdonald’s website

In celebration of National Breakfast Day, McDonald’s is giving away 1,000 McMuffins in each of its store on Monday, 17 March 2014. At 6am, McDonald’s will be serving free McMuffin to its loyal customers as a way of saying “thank you” to customers who makes it a habit to start their day at McDonald’s. In its second year, the Free McMuffin day will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and is valid for the first 1,000 customers for each stores.

So do not forget to save the date and be ready for a free treat at McDonald’s on Monday! A perfect way to start the week! 🙂

Check here for the list of participating McDonald’s branches.