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My Hello5 Vietnam Premium Coffee Gift Set

Coffee is one of my passions. There are just times when I simply cannot jumpstart a day without having my obligatory first cup of the day. There are also times when I consume about 4 cups in a single day! I know it was rather unhealthy to be gulping on one too many cups of coffee, but sometimes I simply cannot help it and somehow I find it a very effective cure for headaches, especially those that I can no longer stand. I guess you can safely say that I am a coffeeholic. But don’t you worry, I find ways to curb on the consumption when it is absolutely necessary! 🙂

That being said, I am sure you can now imagine how wonderful I felt when I found out I won a Premium Vietnam Coffee Gift Set from The Peach Kitchen. Now, although I am such a prodigious coffee drinker, I am not what you might consider a connoisseur and I have yet to try a wider variety of coffee. Although I have not experienced Vietnamese coffee, I was excited merely at the sight of my lovely giveaway prize! The gift set came in this lovely box which I cannot wait to open.

My prize is comprised of a big bag of Hello5 premium coffee from Vietnam, and this coffee filter. It also comes with an instruction on how to prepare the coffee. I was supposed to put the coffee onto the filter and pour a little amount of water in it and let it sit for a bit. Afterwards, I was to put a sufficient amount of hot water, just about right to fill my coffee cup.

I have yet to prepare a cup and I am betting it will be a perfect companion while I burn the midnight lamp to read more about these cool Fenders. I will make sure to update you about the experience. In the meantime, shouts go out to the Peach Kitchen for this yummy treat! ^_^

It’s Chaa Time!

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It was one particularly-hot afternoon when I find myself finally checking this quaint tea shop at the local Robinsons Mall. I was just out for some errands at the time and was there to mail some postcards at the 4th floor Post Office and to look for a couple of trendy t-shirts for me and the little man. I was drawn to this tea shop the first time I saw it and was meaning to give it a try since. Only I never had the chance before as we already have an automatic destination whenever we come here, especially with the little man in tow. Now that I am venturing here on my own, I gave in and ordered myself a tall glass of their famous Hokkaido concoction.

foodie finds, beverages

I am not sure whether this drink originated from Japan’s second largest island, thus earning its name, or whether it was fashioned after a popular tea there. It would have helped if the woman behind the till was generous with the trivia. But she did mention it was their most popular drink so I was intrigued to check it out. I requested for pearls when she asked for my drink enhancement.

foodie finds, beverages

I took a seat in one of their tables outside while waiting for my drink. I cannot help but take some photos. The store is just lovely and I imagine sitting around here while reading a book, or writing away on my gratitude journal or probably writing on a number of postcards or updating my blog on Eve, perhaps. The place is simply cozy and I love their color scheme, the white-and-orange tables and chairs, as well as the beautiful tree wall decals. After a few minutes, my tall tea glass is ready to be consumed.

I love the refreshing tea drink it is just perfect for the hot summer weather like today and the fact that I can also adjust the level of sugar to be put to my tea depending on my preference. I think that it is affordable at Php85 per 22Oz glass. Also, I simply love how my drink turned out, not too sweet and just perfect for my palate. I am sure the little man’s playschool classmate, Kayle, agreed as she asked to have a number of sips from my tea! ^_^

I adore tea drinks and am sure I will go back to this lovely orange-y tea shop soon!

Chaa ~ A Healthy Tea Drink
Robinsons Place Malolos
Sumapang Bata
Malolos City, Bulacan