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Give The BrownBag Gifts This Christmas

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For the coffee lovers {present!}, nothing beats a bagful of coffee goodness for the perfect Christmas gift. Imagine getting a Christmas package that will allow you to brew a cup or two of full-flavored coffee beans every morning. I am sure you’d never fail to feel like you are in coffee heaven every single day. I know I would.

That is why if you are thinking hard on what to give your coffee-addict friends or loved ones, think no more. Get them a BrownBag and I am sure they will love you for it! I was able to taste a steaming cup during the Blogapalooza 2013 event, and it sure was a perfect wake-me-upper, considering I only had a couple of hours of sleep the previous night.

Apart from awesome-tasting coffee, the BrowBag also comes in these lovely bags specially-designed to keep the light and moisture out, keeping only the goodness in. Their bags also come in different packages, from the Solo Packs, Duo Packs, to The Christmas Tree and The Whole Nine Yards, giving you more options and more versatility to match your gifts with the right person.

What’s even better is that they are also giving a 10%-discount for purchases made before 10 December, 2013. So waste no time and visit the BrownBag Coffee Solutions website now!

Join McCafe’s Espresso Day

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A steaming cup of coffee is just perfect for the seemingly endless rainy days + you are in luck as you can get a free cup at your nearest McDonald’s store.

Have a meal at McDo and get a FREE upgrade to a McCafe Iced Mocha or Cappuccino any time of the day from Mondays and Saturdays beginning 23 September to 19 October at participating stores nationwide. You will also get a BUY 1 TAKE 1 coupon that you can use any time until 31 December.

Check out the list of participating McDonald’s branches nearest you here.

image is from the McDonald’s Facebook Page