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My Favorite Quick Breakfast

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I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I usually start my day with my favorite mug of hot coffee or chocolate drink, instead of a meal. It gives me the perfect boost to feel awake. You would find me tinkering in front of the computer in the early morning, anyway, making the most of my free time while my little man sleeps so a hot cup is a perfect companion. I put off breakfast until the little man is awake so that we can eat together.

I am such a nocturnal person that I really find it hard to jump-start my day, until I become a mum. Jared takes most of my time when he is awake so I make sure to get most work done and out of the way while he is fast asleep. There is no way I can work in front of the computer while preparing breakfast so breakfast had to wait. How I wish there’s someone to prepare those beautiful breakfast dishes for me. That way I can still work on my post about bike rack for suvs and enjoy a piece of toast with butter at the same time! 🙂

What are you having for breakfast today?

coco drink to quench your thirst


I can almost feel the summer heat and what good way to beat it than having a scoop of your favorite ice cream or having a glass of ice-cold water. A serving of my favorite local dessert, halo-halo, will be such a welcome treat, too! Downing an ice-cold glass of your favorite fruit drink is also perfect and that is what I did exactly.

A tall glass of this oh-so-delicious coconut shake did the trick! So I would always find myself making a beeline to this Buko stand whenever we went to the grocers. I simply love the marriage of a dash of shaved ice and coconut. It does help one to get by, especially on a particularly hot and humid afternoon. Even my little man would indulge me with a sip or two.

Oh well, I will make sure to get me another bottle of this drink when we go to the grocers later today to look for a nasopure product for my little one.