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happy halloween!

We attended a Trick or Treat event at the little man’s playschool earlier and got these Halloween cookies as treats. Apart from the good taste {I like that they are not too sweet, perfect for little ones + the not-so-little-ones!}, I thought they are also a cool and perfect way to greet everyone a Happy Halloween! I shall be busy the coming days to munch on most of the treats my son got for Halloween, as he has not yet discovered the art of candy and sweets eating!

I hope you are getting more treats that tricks! 🙂

Trying Out The Famous Belgian Waffle

food musings, food finds, short order

I first heard about the Famous Belgian Waffle opening in Waltermart – Plaridel from a mum friend from the little man’s playschool. I never really jumped in to try it, but I am quite a fan of waffles. According to Wikipedia, the Belgian waffle is a waffle type popular in North America and is identified by its larger size, lighter batter, and higher grid pattern that forms deep pockets and has larger squares than the standard American waffle.

We finally managed to try the newly-opened waffle shop when we visited the mall one weekend. I became an instant fan! I tried their Banana-and-Peanut-Butter blend and I loved it! I also think that the Blueberry-and-Cream-cheese concoction is such a mouthwatering treat!

food musings, food finds, short order

So when we visited the mall last Sunday to do some errands and buy gifts for the little man’s playschool classmates celebrating their birthdays on the 15th, I made sure to drop by the Famous Belgian Waffle kiosk to get some delectable waffles! You can smell the lovely scent of freshly-made waffles a few feet away from the stall. After we’re done window shopping and looking at items for sale, including this lovely piece of jewelry, which are also sold in this shop, www.reeds.com/designer-jewelry/Honora-cat41.html, I went straight to the waffle stand to order their Ham-and-Cream-cheese waffle. What can I say, I enjoyed it, too, since I really am fond of cream cheese!

From now on, Famous Belgian Waffle will be one of my favorite stops whenever we visit this local Waltermart. I wonder when we can go again, I cannot wait to try out another waffle flavor! 🙂

Famous Belgian Waffles
Ground Floor, Waltermart ~ Plaridel
Cagayan Valley Road Banga 1st, Plaridel
{044} 795 3244

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