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These Minty Leaves

One of the things that I love about going to Robinsons Supermarket is the Herbs Section. Even when I am not adept at using them in my dishes, I see to it that I get a pack or two every time I visit. I also love browsing through the display of different herb variety, thinking of where I can use them if ever I thought of buying. I usually get a pack of spinach I would saute with butter for a tasty veggie dish.

It was timely that I was able to scout these fresh herbs during our last visit, I was making lemon-infused water at the time and I chanced upon this recipe online that required a bunch of fresh mint. I got the smallest pack from the display rack as I will only be needing a small bunch. I will look for more ways to use mint in cooking and food preparation so I will know what to do with the leftover leaves.

My lemon-and-mint infused water turned out a little bitter, I guess I went overboard in putting mint leaves. I will make sure to use just a handful of these herbs next time so my detox water will turn out much better. Meanwhile, I shall search for more mint recipes now after I am done reading all about simplicef. 🙂