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The Amaxing Aloha Burger

food musings, Jollibee, burgers

I have never tried this new burger from Jollibee and wondered what all the hype is all about. So one time my little man asked that we dine at his favorite fast food, I ordered one for me to have a taste.

It was rather pricey for my taste at Php135, but boy the burger is packed with double burger patties, bacon strips, as well as a big pineapple slice, which I surmise, is where it got the name. The marriage of the meaty goodness and the tang of the pineapple slice is quite a delight to the palate! Needless to say, I loved the Amazing Aloha Burger.

food musings, Jollibee, burgers

Although it is not practical to order this big burger each time you visit Jollibee, treating yourself to this goodness once in a while, or while the supplies last, is something your stomach and your taste buds will thank you for. If you have not tried it yet, I suggest you do soon! 🙂

breaking dawn snack duo from jollibee

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I used to be such a big fan of the Twilight Series, that was before I watched the first film adaptation, which seems to me like big disappointment {the screaming teenagers behind us did not help to boost the film’s appeal on me} + before I was disappointed with what seemed to be an anti-climactic ending to what-could’ve-been-a-redeemable-read. That aside, I see no reason why I won’t give the Breaking Dawn Snack Duo offered by Jollibee a shot, right? One afternoon after doing our errands, the little man invited me to drop by one of his favorite fast foods + I indulge!

I ordered a chicken meal for the little man + the Snack Duo for myself, + know what? I like it! The grape float is a welcome change from the softdrinks Jollibee offers. The sour cream crisscut fries is just ♥! Not bad for a P75-peso snack! This duo is another good reason to visit Jare’s big bee friend! ^_^

I heard it will only be offered for a limited time only, so why not relieve the Twilight fever {or lack thereof, in my case} with this delicious duo?