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Early Christmas Gifts From Regent

I was really psyched when I got this email from Regent Foods acknowledging my post about their Fruits-N-Creme product. As their way of saying thank you for it, they told me they would be sending me a package containing samples of their products and that I watch out for it in the mail. Guess what? I just received the package yesterday!

The bag of goodies include a pack of my new favorite Mochi {they are simply gooey and yummy and those who love the Pinoy kakanin will definitely fall in love with these, too!}, a pack each of Yasai and Ikasen, and a bag of their own version of Belgian Waffles. I have not tried the Belgian Waffles before so I was looking forward to giving it a bite. It tastes even better after I ate it with Cookie Butter and Strawberry Jam, really tastes like a real Belgian Waffle.

Thank you so much Regent Foods for this early Christmas gift! ^_^

My Pink Wasabi Gift Certificate

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I have almost forgotten about this Pink Wasabi Gift Certificate which is part of my prize for winning Gastronomy By Joy’s 3rd Anniversary Spa-rty! I am not sure what these treats are so I went on to search for them on Facebook. I found out that Pink Wasabi makes hand-rolled kashi maki, which are little cakes made to look like sushi maki. Aren’t they the cutest. Now I cannot wait to have a bite.

Hopefully I will be able to use my GC just in time, I read in their Facebook Page that they will be closed on 30 November, so I must go there as soon as I can! I will be sure to update you once I had a taste of these treats! 🙂