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a late lunch at banapple


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my ginormous Parmigiano serving!

We did an errand in Makati a few weeks back + went to check out the Banapple branch at the Ayala Triangle. I’ve been meaning to try out this restaurant + it was a good thing the little man is one willing foodie adventure buddy! ^_^

We ordered this heavenly corn chowder {P80} for starters + Jared loved it! I has bits of corn {of course! ;)} and other veggies, as well as chicken. For our main meal, I opted for Parmigiano {P185}. I especially love the thick + creamy sauce + look how big their serving was! It is perfect for people with big appetite, just like me! 😉 The crunchy carrot sidings is also such a treat! The little man was not in the mood for eating chicken in another form other than his usual leg that day so I had to finish this meal all by myself!

foodie adventures, Banapple, lunch, restaurants

the oh-so-comforting corn chowder!

Burp! I was really full when I downed my meal with their homemade iced tea {P60}, I had no space in my tummy for desserts but I swore that day to be back to check those out next.

If I were to rate my Banapple dining experience, I’d give it two thumbs up for the attentive staff {the lady even volunteered to look after my stuff while I ordered in the counter} + for the oh-so-delicious food! ^_^

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave, Ayala Triangle
{02} 756-2675

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