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Fine Dining At The Conservatory

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I had the pleasure of dining at The Conservatory of The Manila Peninsula recently when I attended the Downy Timeless Mother’s Day event. They have prepared a sumptuous feast for all the mums in attendance that day. For starters, we are served delicious breads and pastries, as well as cheese and butter, while waiting for the meal to be served.

restaurants, food musings, foodie adventures

Insalata caprese was served next to to open our palates. The salad is a refreshing mix of sliced fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, and seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil. I love this salad and it is also my first time to try fresh buffalo mozzarella.

To get ready for our main meal, our hearty vegetable was served next. This is a tasty medley of vegetables, sauteed green beans and bok choy, diced sweet potatoes and yams, tomato and cabbage, with fresh herb and spices and I enjoyed it!

restaurants, food musings, foodie adventures

For the main course, I got a plateful of spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken breast with lemon garlic potato, zucchini, eggplant, Parmesan tower, topped with saffron tomato sauce. I find the chicken breast a bit bland but I love that this meal had rice and a couple of crunchy greens on the side. Continue reading

Lunch At Bahay Na Tisa In Malolos City

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I had the chance to dine in at Bahay Na Tisa in Malolos City when I attended the local presscon for the upcoming Fiesta Republica 2015. I am a Malolos residence since time immemorial but I have never tried this local resto before. The place has such a lovely facade and I wonder why I did not discover it sooner. I was not able to take photos of the outside as the presscon was about to commence when we got there so I got one from Wikimedia Commons just to show you how it looks like.

foodie adventures, foodie finds, restaurants, Filipino dishes, Malolos food crawl

I am not familiar about their regular menu, though, but our meals for that afternoon included these delectable dishes ~ callos and hamonado. It was my first time to try callos and I loved it! foodie adventures, foodie finds, restaurants, Filipino dishes, Malolos food crawl

They served local dishes in line with the theme of the event and our full platter included a cup of steaming nilagang manok, okoy, and as mentioned, callos and hamonado, and, of course, paired with a cup of steam rice. I was very full by the time I finished my meal and I cannot exactly tell which of the stuff I ate is my favorite! I love okoy and theirs is just delicious! But I guess it was the callos that won me over. I loved the olives in it!

foodie adventures, foodie finds, restaurants, Filipino dishes, Malolos food crawl

Although the place was packed at the time with local government officials and people from the media, I did have a very lovely dining experience. I love the food! I also enjoy the beautiful ambiance, especially when there was a singer serenading everyone with my favorite Ed Sheeran song while we were eating. I also love these flamingos that adorned the buffet table, as well as these beautiful poinsettias that remind me of my gorgeous pot at home.

Judging from the buffet they served at the time, I thought it will be a great idea to go back there at any given time. I just wish they would do something about the second floor loos, as a well-kept comfort room is a must in any establishment. Other than that, I give this place two thumbs up!

Reminiscing about my Bahay Na Tisa dining experience is really making me go hungry, so I will make sure to grab a bite after reading this interesting ad for petal pushers fancies. I do hope you get to check out the place, too, if you find yourself wandering around our lovely city. 🙂

Bahay Na Tisa
San Gabriel, Malolos City
{044} 791 1188
first image is by Judgefloro from Wikimedia Commons