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Of Coconut Soups + Curries

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It is one of those rare occasions when the grown ups get to choose to eat wherever we want when we had one delicious dining experience, complete with coconut soup and curry. For starters, I was not a big fan of spicy food and curry until we tried an authentic thai cuisine a few years back and we absolutely loved it!

We ventured past the array of restaurants at the 4th level of Trinoma undecided on where to take our rather late lunch and saw a great place to have some curry and Thai, Banana Leaf.

It was a bit past lunch time so we decided on something heavy to fill our hungry stomachs and opted for their Thai Coconut Seafood Soup, Malayan Beef Curry with Potatoes, and Stir Fired Prawns in Malayan Coconut Curry. Of course, we also ordered cups of rice to pair with the dishes. I also tried their Iced Lemon Grass with Honey to pair with my meal and I loved it!

The Thai Coconut Seafood Soup {288} is really yummy! I love the delicious blend of different seafood, while the coconut milk lends an appetizing sweet flavor to the soup. It was a refreshing soup to start a lovely meal, especially on a hot afternoon.

foodie adventures, dining out, Thai Cuisine, restaurants

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trying thai cuisine for the first time

restaurants, foodie adventures, dining out, Thai Cuisine

We made a stop at the South Luzon Tollway on our way back from Tagaytay last year to eat lunch. We decided to try Thai cuisine for the first time and checked out Sakon Thai Restaurant and Noodle House just across Chowking, were we made a quick stop to buy the little man his favorite Pancit Canton meal. We settled for an order of their Seafood Hot Basil {Php255}, Beef Red Curry {Php205} and Jasmine Rice {Php35 for 2 orders}.

restaurants, foodie adventures, dining out, Thai Cuisine

While waiting for our order and keeping watch of the little man who simply cannot wait to dig into his lunch, I made a quick survey of the restaurant and took some snaps. The place has a charming air about it and I really love the ambiance. They also have a display cabinet by the window, where they are selling some lovely wears, which I am presuming were also from Thailand. There are beautiful cloth products, beads, and lovely and interesting Buddha images. No, I did not see a taylor 110e guitar case displayed anywhere, but may I just note that the place is also playing interesting Thai music to get everyone into the vibe.

restaurants, foodie adventures, dining out, Thai Cuisine

After a few minutes our orders finally arrived. The aroma of the delicious food wafting into our noses is just enough to make us even more hungry. I am not too fond of curry, but surprisingly I really enjoyed their Beef Red Curry. This curry sure tasted very different from the usual curry dishes that we normally have. I also love the seafood dish. Sure was a bit spicy, but it was something I absolutely enjoyed! After our meal, we also had a free taste of a native Thai dessert called Taco, which tasted so much like our local maja blanca with a lot of coconut milk! I just love it, i wish there was more!

All in all, our very first Thai cuisine experience is something really enjoyable and I cannot wait to do it again. 🙂

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