The Little Man’s Aristocrat Birthday Lunch

foodie adventures, restaurants, Filipino dishes, Aristocrat, dining out

our birthday pancit of the day 🙂

We went to Aristocrat in SM North ~ The Block for the little man’s birthday lunch. Although this restaurant is well-known for their barbecue, we decided to skip it that day since the little man is not yet eating that. We opted for their friend chicken, instead, coupled with their pancit and ordered a couple more dishes. For our serving of vegetables, we had an order of fresh lumpia and laing. To complete our meal, we also had a serving of their beef caldereta.

foodie adventures, restaurants, Filipino dishes, dining out

foodie adventures, restaurants, Filipino dishes, dining out

The little man was preoccupied with his new toys, a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure, which we gifted him for his birthday. He only had a couple of spoonfuls of his serving of pancit before he went on to play with his new toys. The grown ups, on the other hand, had a really satisfying meal. I simply love the fresh lumpia and its sauce! Laing is something I do not eat quite often, since I do not know how to prepare it, so I really enjoyed this dish. It was just delicious with the right amount of spice in it. The crowd favorite that afternoon, though, will have to be the beef caldereta. It was tasty and the beef is so tender. I wish I can make my own version of this dish, I’d probably cook it every week if I know how to prepare it! 🙂

foodie adventures, restaurants, Filipino dishes, dining out

our new favorite, Caldereta 🙂

foodie adventures, restaurants, Filipino dishes, dining out

The food is sumptuous and everyone is all smiles after our meal. The crew is very friendly and attentive and the ambiance is just excellent. The only thing that puts me off is when we had our leftovers wrapped to be taken home. We found out the crew failed to include the leftover caldereta in our bag. It was quite a disappointment since we only get to eat a little portion of the dish and the leftover would’ve been perfect for dinner at home later on that night. Oh well, I am sure the crew did not do it on purpose.

foodie adventures, restaurants, Filipino dishes, dining out

Big thanks to our designated photographer of the day for the photos 🙂

Aristocrat ~ SM North EDSA, The Block
3rd Level, The Block, North Avenue cor. EDSA, Quezon City
Tel. No. 442-0149

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11 thoughts on “The Little Man’s Aristocrat Birthday Lunch

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  2. Gene

    Would you believe I haven’t been to Aristocrat? Hahaha! I should drag Daddy K there one of these days. Do they have Kare-Kare in their menu? I am so craving for it these days.

  3. Olga

    I can’t believe J doesn’t bbq! That’s Jakei’s fave and he eats really plenty when it’s our ulam. As for the caldereta, you can try using the KFC Pinoy Recipes Caldereta mix. That’s my short cut to cooking caldereta at home. I just adjust the taste by adding some sugar and grated cheese. 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      He doesn’t eat much solid yet, aside from chicken, chicken nuggets + hotdogs! Oh, maybe I should try using that Caldereta Mix, too, so that I can cook it at home. Thanks for the tip 🙂


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