The McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glasses Are Back!

free grub, Coca-Cola Glasses

Indeed, the iconic Coca-Cola Glasses are back and I am hoping to complete all 6 colors this time around. The Crown-designed glasses are available in Green, Pink, Aqua, Charcoal, Blue and Purple color which you can get with any McDonald’s Meal when you pay additional Php25. The last time the little man asked if we can go to McDonald’s so we can get him a Happy Meal toy, I also got a glass for myself and I chose the Purple one {obviously my favorite shade}.

free grub, Coca-Cola Glasses

This year’s design is slimmer but I like it, nevertheless. I am using it now to drink water and other cold beverages at home and I love it! Hopefully I can get the other colors in the coming days, too.

Are you also collecting the Coca-Cola Glasses and which one’s your favorite?

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