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Craving For These Refreshing Veggie Dishes

food musings, foodie adventures, healthy eating, salads

The hot and humid day is making me crave for these refreshing veggie dishes I was able to try at Earth Kitchen not too long ago.

We whet our appetite for the meal that day with veggie spring rolls as appetizer. It was a delicious medley of greens, topped with nuts and an equally delicious sauce.

food musings, foodie adventures, healthy eating, salads

The salad, on the other hand, is also a healthy mixture of greens, refreshing fruits, and nuts, and drizzled with vinaigrette, just about perfect for summer afternoon snacking or a healthier dinner for those trying to lose some pounds.

I would love to re-create these dishes in my diminutive kitchen and I am looking for recipes online as soon as I am done researching about dmx controller. 😉

Sweet Treats + More At Wence’ Dessert Cafe

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Aglio Olio a la Romana {Php79}

My nephew, Sean celebrated his 11th birthday earlier this month and he requested that we treat him to Wence’ Dessert Cafe. We’ve been wanting to try the place out but never got the chance to do it yet, so we set out to visit the place on Sunday afternoon.

It was a full house that afternoon and we were made to wait outside for awhile until a table is available. After several minutes, we were informed that a table for 6 has been vacated at the 2nd floor.

It is a very small place and since it was packed with diners that day, it was a relief to be upstairs where there are less people and noise. I wish they’d made the windows bigger, though, as the limited space upstairs is really claustrophobic! Continue reading

Thirst-Quenching + Healthy Drinks From Islands Juice

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We’ve entered the rainy season last month, but can you believe the scorching heat? The hot and humid weather felt like we are still experiencing summer, and we need all the help we can get to cool off.

I was in a haste to find the Robinsons Galeria loos, when I passed by this small kiosk that sell seemingly-awesome looking juices. They looked too inviting, I did not leave without getting myself a bottle. Among the many flavors available, I opted for a bottle of lemon juice, which is one of my favorites.

I grabbed a quick late lunch and paired my meal with my newly-discovered lemon juice. I enjoyed my meal while reading all about fender telecaster musicians friend. The juice was surprisingly not too sour as I expected and tasted just about right. It has a rich natural lemon flavor and was the perfect thirst-quencher. It was also delightful to find out that Islands Juice products are made fresh everyday and that they are devoid of HFCS, preservatives, food coloring, and artificial flavors, making it a very healthy juice for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Islands Juice come in 11 exciting flavors, including Mango, Watermelon, Guyabano, Orange, Melon, Avocado, Pineapple, Bucky, Lychee, Lemon, and Apple Kiwi. Each bottle sells at Php50. I cannot wait to try the avocado and apple kiwi variants next! 😀

Indeed, it made my day juicier. Now, I wish we have a branch in the local mall in our city so I can easily grab a bottle or two whenever I am craving for healthy and tasty juices!

For more information about their juice products, do check out the Islands Juice Facebook Page,, and Instagram account,