Sweet Treats + More At Wence’ Dessert Cafe

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Aglio Olio a la Romana {Php79}

My nephew, Sean celebrated his 11th birthday earlier this month and he requested that we treat him to Wence’ Dessert Cafe . We’ve been wanting to try the place out but never got the chance to do it yet, so we set out to visit the place on Sunday afternoon.

It was a full house that afternoon and we were made to wait outside for awhile until a table is available. After several minutes, we were informed that a table for 6 has been vacated at the 2nd floor.

It is a very small place and since it was packed with diners that day, it was a relief to be upstairs where there are less people and noise. I wish they’d made the windows bigger, though, as the limited space upstairs is really claustrophobic!

food musings, foodie adventures, foodie finds, Malolos food crawl, desserts

Black Forest {Php73} and Very Blueberry {Php58} shakes

We checked out the menu and ordered the following: Wence’s Super Burger {Php99}, Baked Macaroni {Php79}, Aglio Olio a la Romana {Php79}, and Thai Spicy Rice {Php79}. For desserts we chose these waffle meals ~ Very Blueberry Cream Cheese {Php73}, Black Forest {Php73}, Bavarian Delight {Php58}, Only Oreo {Php63}, and Shibuya Toast Grated Cheese {Php135}. For drinks, we opted for these shakes ~ Leche Flan {Php48}, Caramel Macchiato {Php58}, Strawberry Oreo {Php58}, Black Forest {Php73}, and Very Blueberry {Php58}. We also ordered Sour Cream French Fries Large {Php63} and BBQ French Fries {Php63}.

I love Aglio Olio a la Romana Pasta even though it is a bit spicy. I also appreciate that the pasta dishes are served in big portions and can be shared by 2 persons, same with the burger and shibuya toast. We loved the shakes and enjoyed the waffles. We did not enjoy the Thai Spicy Rice that much as it was too spicy for our taste buds.

Why you’d consider trying out Wence’?

  1. The meals are all affordable
  2. The pasta dishes are good
  3. The desserts are delightful
food musings, foodie adventures, foodie finds, Malolos food crawl, desserts

Very Blueberry Cream Cheese {Php73}

They’d do well if they serve coffee to pair with their desserts and work to improve the ambiance of their resto, though. Other than that, we truly enjoyed the experience and are definitely coming back. I already miss their desserts and am craving for a bite of two of the decadent shibuya toast while reading about this ddrum available at Musicians Friend.

Wence’ Dessert Cafe
Twins Plaza, McArthur Highway
Malolos, Bulacan {in front of Puregold Malolos}
Wence’s Dessert Cafe on Facebook

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