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Seafood Feast At Funnside Ningnangan

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Ensaladang Mangga + Krispy Hito

We have been to Funnside Ningnangan several times and we loved our dining experience each time. Even the little man enjoyed it, in fact, and listed the restaurant as one of his favorites. If you are looking for fresh and tasty, yet affordable, seafood fare, then there is no better place to be!

For one, you will definitely love the homey ambiance of their spacious restaurant. The place is like a huge nipa hut and there are enough number of tables for their many patrons. It is always packed with people, especially if you venture here during lunch or dinner time. There is available Wi-Fi and flatscreen tellies are mounted on walls for the diners’ entertainment.

Funnside Ningnangan is a restaurant that adapted the dampa or paluto style, where you can choose from a wide selection of fresh seafood specials like mussels, an assortment of fishes like bangus, tilapia, and hito, crabs, squid, and shrimps, and cook them into your favorite scrumptious dishes, mostly grilled, but they also do buttered shrimps and tempura, as well as bulalo and sinigang. They also have a mixture of fresh meat products like steak, chicken, and pork. You can even choose from a mixed bag of fresh veggies for your sides or appetizers. All these in affordable prices, too!

food musings, foodie adventures, foodie finds, Bulacan food crawl, restaurants, Pinoy Food, Filipino dishes

My little foodie excited to sample Funnside Ningnangan’s bulalo

Since the little man is not yet into seafood, our usual order when we visit the place is one of his favorite dishes, bulalo. I particularly liked their version because it has corn. I usually do not include this when I cook this dish at home because Jared complains that it tastes different.

For the grown-ups, we’d basically order anything that catches our fancy during each visit. So far, we’ve already tried their buttered shrimp {my favorite!}, grilled squid, and crispy fried hito. We have also tried their ensaladang mangga with sliced onions and tomatoes paired with shrimp paste!. They also offer local desserts, like leche flan and ube, but I have yet to sample those.

It is always a gastronomical experience each time we visit Funnside Ningnangan and we are sure to visit again in the future. If you ever find yourself in Bulacan, make sure to check out this grill restaurant in Guiguinto. And while you’re at it, you might also want to check out this ev speakers at musiciansfriend.com. 😉

Funnside Ningnangan Restaurant
McArtthur Hi-way, Tabang, Guiguinto
Phone: (044) 794 9568
Opening Times: Monday ~ Friday, 11am ~ 11PM; Saturday ~ Sunday, 10.30am ~ 11pm

images were taken early last year

Dining Out At Citang’s

Pinoy Food, foodie adventures, foodie finds

I cannot believe that I have been traveling past this famed restaurant for the last several years when I live only a few minutes away from it. We have been passing by this place and all its yummy goodness to and from the little man’s old playschool last year and I am only delighted that I finally managed to drop by and sample what Citang’s has to offer. I was surprised to find out that this establishment has been around since 1970’s and I wonder why it took me all these years to discover it!

If you are a big fan of Filipino cuisine and delicacies then Citang’s will be a haven for a foodie like you. They have numerous delicious native delicacies and specialties on display, along with a number of famous Pinoy staples like lugaw, dinuguan, pancit, and a wide variety of kakanins, among others.

I was not able to have breakfast that day so our Citang’s visit is the most opportune time to fill the tummy with mouth-watering goodies. There were a lot of customers in the restaurant that morning, plus we were having a bit of a hard time choosing from the many delicious food available. In the end, I opted for a set of lugaw, lumpiang toge, and tokwa’t baboy. I would’ve sampled the other goodies if only I have enough space in my tummy for them! 😀

Of course, I did not leave the place without buying some goodies to bring home. I chose to buy a huge slice of kakanin and a pack of toasted pastillas {which I shall tell you all about in a separate post, by the way :)}

Over all, I love my Citang’s experience. The place is nothing fancy, but I do love the food and I am sure a lot of people who has penchant for delicious Filipino delicacies will do to. And now that I think about it, I would really love to have another bite of those mouth-watering Citang’s specialties, while reading all about these bose noise cancelling headphones. If you happen to be down in Malolos City, do swing by Citang’s and discover this delicious gem. This place can’t be that hard to find as it is located strategically beside the well-known Sta. Isabel Church.

620 Kuatro Kantos Sta.Isabel, 3000
Mondays – Saturdays, 6am-6pm
Sundays, 6am-12nn
{044} 796-0678