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coco drink to quench your thirst


I can almost feel the summer heat and what good way to beat it than having a scoop of your favorite ice cream or having a glass of ice-cold water. A serving of my favorite local dessert, halo-halo, will be such a welcome treat, too! Downing an ice-cold glass of your favorite fruit drink is also perfect and that is what I did exactly.

A tall glass of this oh-so-delicious coconut shake did the trick! So I would always find myself making a beeline to this Buko stand whenever we went to the grocers. I simply love the marriage of a dash of shaved ice and coconut. It does help one to get by, especially on a particularly hot and humid afternoon. Even my little man would indulge me with a sip or two.

Oh well, I will make sure to get me another bottle of this drink when we go to the grocers later today to look for a nasopure product for my little one.

Sticky Tikoy for New Year’s Luck

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The little man and I joined a Chinese New Year Walk in Binondo and got to witness all the festivities first-hand. The best part of the tour was when we get to taste authentic Chinese cuisine, {which I shall tell you all about in my next post} and shopped for yummy Chinese delicacies.

One of those Chinese goodness that is quite rampant in Chinatown this time of year are the sticky tikoys. They are believed to bring luck so they are normally served during Chinese New Year feasts. I remember back in the days when pops would always bring home a box or two of these sticky Chinese treat and mum would cut it into rectangle strips, coat them with egg and fry it and make a tasty snack for the family. One of the distinct tastes that remind me of my childhood.

I am not Chinese and neither do I celebrate the Chinese New Year, so no fancy gifts of patagonia women s los lobos jacket or anything from anyone, but I did get a surprise that day. A friend of mine, our tour guide, gifted me with a box of tikoy, which I am hoping to cook soon using mum’s technique. I wish it will taste as good. 🙂

Did you cook any sticky tikoy for Chinese New Year? How does it taste?