a delicious surprise from frabelle foods

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They say that the Christmas ham is the star of the Noche Buena feast, in fact, it used to be a main attraction in our table every Christmas Eve when my parents were still around. This year I would like to bring back the tradition + planned to get a ham from the grocers when I do my Christmas Eve essentials shopping. It was a good thing I put this plan on hold until the last minute! Know why? Because I just received this delicious surprise from Frabelle Foods this morning! 🙂

An unregistered number was calling me on my mobile + when I answered it was a Frabelle representative asking me for directions to my address! It was really unexpected + I count it as yet another Christmas blessing!

Thank you Frabelle Foods for this holiday treat! You sure just made our Christmas merrier! ^_^

For updates and information on their products, you can follow the Frabelle Foods Facebook Fanpage, and who knows, you might just get a delicious surprise from them just like I did! ^_^

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