Enjoy the goodness of Knick Knacks X-Blast Chocolate Milk Drink

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Chocolate has got to be everyone’s favorite food + I bet you will all agree!

Nobody can resist the rich, velvety feel of luscious chocolate gently melting in your mouth, whether it’s plain or chocolate-filled. These days, though, chocolate has taken so many forms to give in to the whims of true-blue chocoholics. Aside from chocolate bars, consumers have developed a liking for chocolate drinks. Bottled or packed, chocolate drinks have become a staple in the pantry of every home. Kids, most especially, love to sip a refreshing chocolate drink so much that it has become their staple baon for school.

Knick Knacks, maker of our favorite chocolate-coated biscuits, recently introduced their latest product, the Knick Knacks X-Blast Chocolate Milk Drink as an addition to your kids’ fun snacking experience. Knick Knacks X-Blast is a premium chocolate milk drink loaded with chocolatey goodness that kids will truly enjoy.

But Knick Knacks X-Blast is not just your ordinary chocolate drink. You can also use Knick Knacks X-Blast in different yet delightfully delicious ways that your entire family will absolutely enjoy. So how can we best enjoy Knick Knacks X-Blast? Let us count the awesome ways…

Bored of the usual cereal and fresh milk combo? Then substitute your plain milk with Knick Knacks X-Blast Chocolate Milk Drink to enjoy your usual cereal breakfast. Energize yourself with a bowl of your favorite cereal swimming in creamy Knick Knacks X-Blast. You’ll be absolutely starting your day right with this delicious and nutritious morning delight.

Living in a tropical country can be a total setback especially for kids during summer when the metro is enveloped in the sweltering heat of the sun. Moms can beat the heat by giving their peeved tots chocolate ice slushies and popsicles made of Knick Knacks X-Blast. All you need to do is get a bowl of crushed ice and a pack of Knick Knacks X-Blast and blend it using an electric blender. Top it with whipped cream and voila, you have a cool summer treat for your kids! Another alternative is Chocolate Popsicles and preparing it is as easy as 1-2-3! Open a pack of Knick Knacks X-Blast, pour it into ice moulders, pop it into the freezer and wait for an hour or so until the popsicles are frozen.

Tired of the usual desserts you serve your family after every meal? Try concocting your own chocolate fondue using Knick Knacks X-Blast. Get a pack of chilled whipped cream, pour its contents into a bowl and add a cup of Knick Knacks X-Blast and mix them well until you reach a creamy consistency. Arrange bite-size fruit pieces such as apples, bananas and peaches together with marshmallow and pound cake slices on a plate and serve it with the Knick Knacks X-Blast chocolate dip to your family. You’ll be mesmerized by simply watching them devour your delectable chocolate creation with much gusto.

Knick Knacks X-Blast Chocolate Milk Drink comes in 250 ml and 110 ml sizes and is available in major supermarkets and groceries nationwide. Grab a pack now and enjoy it with the rest of your family! 🙂

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