caldereta for lunch

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I think I might have mentioned that caldereta is one of my favorite dishes. I have tried cooking it for the first time and I must say it was successful and sure tasted like caldereta, much to my delight. Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of my culinary success to share here with you all.

It was a good thing a day after the New Year, we cooked caldereta once again and I was able to snap the quick photo above. I know someone will be glad to know that I conceded and agreed that he’s dish was more delicious than my version, and it actually is! He’s secret? A can of liver spread that actually spells a lot of difference in his version’s taste.

I am planning to curb on my meat consumption for this year, but today I put that on hold while I savor this yummy caldereta. I am having the leftover from last night’s dinner to feast on at lunch time!

By the way, in case you’re wondering, we used Mama Sita’s Caldereta mix {the spicy variant} for this delectable dish and followed the instructions found at the back of the pack, too.

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