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Get Your Free Ice Cream At Dairy Queen’s #FreeConeDay

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Summer is already in full blast that is why Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day is really very timely. I do not know about you, but a big cup of Dairy Queen’s Blizzard sounds like a really great idea to beat this scorching summer heat! I would also like to try their new variant, the Loacker Blizzard.

So, wondering how you can score your very own free Dairy Queen cone? Simply be one of the 1st 75 customers on 14 April, 2015 and get your free ice cream! This is in celebration of their 75th anniversary and is available at all Dairy Queen branches nationwide!

image is from the Diary Queen Facebook Page,

Eng Bee Tin’s Hopia Ube

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I chanced upon an Eng Bee Tin branch on my recent visit to Manila and I got one of these Hopia Ube packs. These are my faves and I seldom eat them now as there are no local stores that sell them in our city. I had to stop the urge to hoard, so I just got me a couple of hopia packs in different flavors. As I queue towards the till, I saw these very interesting tikoy rolls, I never tried those but they sure looks very promising, so I got a pack, too!

I opened my Ube-flavored hopia today and paired it with a mug of steaming coffee for one perfect breakfast combo! I enjoyed it to bits and now that I think about it, I should’ve horded a couple more packs so that I can get to eat them for a while longer! ^_^