Check Out The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market

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The ‘ber months is here and the Christmas season is right around the corner. It is no wonder why a lot of bazaars and weekend market are sprouting everywhere. These events are a treasure box of good and delicious finds. Among these bazaars and weekend markets, the most exciting will most probably be a weekend food market that is a one-stop shop for anything gustatory. If you are a connoisseur, a cook, or a foodie, or if you happen to live anywhere near the Ayala, Alabang Commerce Center, then it is about time you check out the Urban Food Collective Weekend Market. Read more about it.

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market is a carefully curated collection of purveyors. Located in CommerCenter, Alabang’s newest lifestyle mall, it is a place where people can comfortably gather, browse, and shop. It will be a venue for patrons to find a bevy of treasures from gourmet, specialty foods to local, artisanal arts and crafts. The Weekend Market’s activities and pocket events will give them the opportunity to learn new things or simply engage with the community.

For purveyors, it will be an opportunity to showcase their goods to a truly discerning crowd, while providing them with a gateway to other business opportunities with The Urban Food Collective. Also recognizing its responsibility to society, The Urban Food Collective will donate a portion of the proceeds from the Weekend Market to the Taguyod Bayan foundation, helping rebuild communities affected by typhoon Haiyan in Sara Iloilo.

See you at the market! Where you can find good food, good things, and goodwill.

The Urban Food Collective (TUFC)

TUFC understands that food brings people together, that food is at the center of some of life’s best moments. Its vision is to be the premiere food community in the country.

Current, informative, and educational, TUFC aims to be the food hub where people can share their passion for gastronomy. TUFC’s online community will feature everything food – articles and recipes, exciting deals featuring the country’s best culinary fare, and “The Urban Food Collective Marketplace” which will retail unique food items and implements. To bring the online community even closer together, TUFC will champion various food lifestyle events, where foodies can meet and indulge in their passion for unique flavors and gustatory delights.

What’s love for food when you have no one to share it with? Let The Urban Food Collective be your community for food. Stay hungry for the good things in life.

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These Minty Leaves

One of the things that I love about going to Robinsons Supermarket is the Herbs Section. Even when I am not adept at using them in my dishes, I see to it that I get a pack or two every time I visit. I also love browsing through the display of different herb variety, thinking of where I can use them if ever I thought of buying. I usually get a pack of spinach I would saute with butter for a tasty veggie dish.

It was timely that I was able to scout these fresh herbs during our last visit, I was making lemon-infused water at the time and I chanced upon this recipe online that required a bunch of fresh mint. I got the smallest pack from the display rack as I will only be needing a small bunch. I will look for more ways to use mint in cooking and food preparation so I will know what to do with the leftover leaves.

My lemon-and-mint infused water turned out a little bitter, I guess I went overboard in putting mint leaves. I will make sure to use just a handful of these herbs next time so my detox water will turn out much better. Meanwhile, I shall search for more mint recipes now after I am done reading all about simplicef. 🙂