Spread the Christmas Cheer with Goldilocks’ Sweet Treats

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One of the best things to share this Christmas season are these sweet treats from Goldilocks. Everyone in the family, from little kids to grand parents, will definitely enjoy these delectable gifts when you present it to them come Christmas morning or when you serve them along with your home-made delicious desserts at your Christmas feast!

For almost five decades, Goldilocks products have been a staple at Christmas parties, or given as holiday treats to friends and family. This year, the country’s number one bakeshop once again offers delectable delights that are ideal for yuletide appetites.

The Season’s Best-themed Greeting cake can perfectly express your Christmas cheer, while the Chocolate PB Banana Supreme Specialty Cake by JudyAnn Santos-Agoncillo tops off the perfect Noche Buena feast. On the other hand, Ensaymada and Cinnamon Hugs are the sweetest way to show you care, or you can arrange a pastry bouquet made up of Cherry Macaroons, Muffin Bites, Fruit Cake Bites, Brownie Bites, and Caramel tarts for your officemates, colleagues, and friends. Of course, it is also good to have a plate of Caramel Crunch Polvoron on hand for unexpected guests.

A Christmas celebration with Goldilocks with always prove to be a sweet affair! Visit the nearest store for your taste of holiday cheer, or call 888-1-999 Go-Delivery!

a late lunch at banapple


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my ginormous Parmigiano serving!

We did an errand in Makati a few weeks back + went to check out the Banapple branch at the Ayala Triangle. I’ve been meaning to try out this restaurant + it was a good thing the little man is one willing foodie adventure buddy! ^_^

We ordered this heavenly corn chowder {P80} for starters + Jared loved it! I has bits of corn {of course! ;)} and other veggies, as well as chicken. For our main meal, I opted for Parmigiano {P185}. I especially love the thick + creamy sauce + look how big their serving was! It is perfect for people with big appetite, just like me! 😉 The crunchy carrot sidings is also such a treat! The little man was not in the mood for eating chicken in another form other than his usual leg that day so I had to finish this meal all by myself!

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the oh-so-comforting corn chowder!

Burp! I was really full when I downed my meal with their homemade iced tea {P60}, I had no space in my tummy for desserts but I swore that day to be back to check those out next.

If I were to rate my Banapple dining experience, I’d give it two thumbs up for the attentive staff {the lady even volunteered to look after my stuff while I ordered in the counter} + for the oh-so-delicious food! ^_^

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave, Ayala Triangle
{02} 756-2675

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