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The Little Man’s Birthday Treats

I know I originally plan to hold a simple celebration for the little man’s birthday in his class, but decided against it a few weeks before the big day since I realized the day of his birthday actually fell on a weekend. I just decided to get the little man another gift for his big day and instead of preparing a bento treat for him and his classmates, I opted to give away little treats instead.

I opted for PH Bakehouse again this time to make the little one’s sugar cookies giveaway for his classmates and teachers. The same shop made the little guy’s Toy Story cake for his 3rd birthday. Jared personally chose the Lightning Mcqueen and Mater design and was really thrilled to see them when they arrived home. How I wish he’d take even a bite! 🙂

I love how sis Iris made the Cars character inspired sugar cookies. They are just the cutest. I have yet to taste them and I am betting they’d taste equally great! I know this won’t be the last am ordering sweet treats from them. I just hope I have another excuse so that I can order some real soon! Am preparing a cup of coffee while reading about simplicef and I will make sure to pair my steaming mug with the only Lightning McQueen sugar cookie I’ve got left. I cannot wait! ^_^

I will share about the little one’s Tous Les Jour birthday cake in a separate post. Anyways, if you want to have these cute treats for your little one’s birthday, do not hesitate to contact PH Bakehouse at 0927.861.5008. You may also send them a PM on Facebook or email phbakehouse@gmail.com. I know you won’t regret it!