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enjoy mcdonald’s twister fries one last time

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Today is our last chance to enjoy McDonald’s Twister Fries. It is one perfect pick-me-up on a rainy Sunday morning + one perfect reason to go out inspite of the drizzle. Or if you are too lazy to go out + would rather spend the rest of the afternoon in your PJ’s in front of the telly catching up on all those weekend re-runs of your favorite programs, you can always call in for delivery, right? 😉

So get twisted foodies + do not let the gloomy weather keep you down instead find great ways to whet your appetite further!

Here’s to a happy + full Sunday, everyone!~ ^_^

The Mcdonald’s Twister Fries

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The McDonald’s Twister Fries is back for a limited time only + I am glad that we visited their local branch to have the little man’s party finalized + booked when it first came out, so I did not waste any time to sample this tasty + interesting munch. ^_^

Oh well, I was feeling rather lazy to tackle my pots + pans one lazy Thursday afternoon + was rather tired of my own cooking that I decided to order online for me + the little man’s lunch. I was having the Twister Fries in mind, not to mention the Coca-Cola Olympics glasses, so I opted for Mcdo Delivery {more of that in a separate post}.

Our Twister Fries, along with several other McDonald’s yummy treats are right at my doorstep after 30 minutes + we feasted on it, my Fillet-O-Fish + monster Coke float, while my little one was so keen on his fries + pineapple juice. A perfect lunch! ^_^

I might have to order a few more times to savor these twisted treat + i must do so as they will soon be gone.

So, have you tried the McDonald’s Twister Fries yet? 😉

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