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sign up for the Magic Bullet Blender and T-Shirt Giveaway Event!

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This giveaway is hosted by Filipino Recipes OnlinePinoy Desserts by PingDesserts

Giveaway details:

  • Giveaway runs from 01-26 December 2013
  • Open Worldwide
  • 4 winners
  • Prizes include {1} Magic Bullent Blender System {buythebullet.com} or $60 Paypal Cash {for outside the Philippines} for one winner, and {2} 3 winners of Filipino Recipes Portal T-shirts

Sign-up with the Event

  • Sign-ups end 29 November 2013
  • Agree to post the giveaway html on the date the event begins and promote it at least 3x a week
  • Get a FREE link {Facebook or Twitter} in exchange for an announcement post
  • Additional links and Host pages are available at minimal fee.

Sign Up HERE

sign up for the banana ice cream maker + t-shirt giveaway event!

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Sign up now for the FILIPINO RECIPES PORTAL’s Banana Ice Cream Maker and T-Shirt Giveaway!

This giveaway is hosted by Filipino Christmas Recipes – Filipino Kakanin by PingDesserts – My Filipino Recipes

Event Details:

  • A blogger gets a free link {Facebook or Twitter} with an announcement post.
  • Agree to post the giveaway html on the date the event begins and promote at least 3x a week
  • Additional links are available for a minimal fee of $2
  • Host and co-host pages are also up for grabs for very affordable prizes
  • Sign-up ends on 06 November, 2013

Giveaway Details:

  • giveaway runs from 07 november – 07 december, 2013
  • there is a total of 9 Winners
  • open worldwide
  • prizes include: Banana Ice Cream Maker (Yonanas.com) or Paypal Cash $50 for outside Philippines for 1 winner and Filipino Recipes Portal T-Shirts for 8 Winners

Note: Winners outside Philippines will receive Paypal Cash

Sign up here


Unfortunately this giveaway did not push through as our sponsor was affected by Typhoon Yolanda.