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taho for breakfast

Whenever I hear the street peddler shout “taho” every morning I make a mental note to get up earlier the next day so I can buy me a cup or two. So today I was prepared. I was out the door as soon as I heard manong shout. This old Pinoy food reminds me so much of my childhood as I used to eat these with my siblings when I was a little girl. My perfect part is chewing on the gooey pearls and the silken tofu. I usually do not like much arnibal or sweetener as my tummy has low tolerance for it in the morning.

According to Wikipedia “taho is a Philippine snack food made from fresh soft/silken tofu , arnibal {sweetener and flavoring}, and sago pearl { similar to tapioca pearls} . This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and taho peddlers can be found all over the country. The Indonesian and Malaysian equivalent of this snack is tauhue .”

Many Filipinos love to have taho for breakfast and I am no exception. I cannot wait for my next taho morning! It is also a perfect companion as I research about the awesome gibson super 400 from musicians friend! 🙂

a cup of dirty ice cream

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I know the name might put some off, especially those who did not grow up here in the Philippines, but dirty ice cream only denotes those ice cream that are peddled by the friendly manong around town. Sure it was very cold even during daytime, you’d wonder if you’re still in Bulacan or have been transported to Boston while you were sleeping, but I thought this afternoon is just the best time to enjoy a cup of this delicious street ice cream. Besides, I went through the trouble of hollering the vendor from the second floor balcony! 🙂

I paid Php25 for this cup of chocolate and cheese flavored local ice cream and I must say they sure tasted better than the rest of the dirty ice cream I have tried before. I enjoyed my cup a lot I did not mind that I was feeling too cold after I finished it. I just wish I can influence the little man to have a spoonful or two.