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Longganisang Lucban is heart!

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Jared’s dad recently traveled to Quezon for work-related stuff and went home with 2 dozens of these delicious Longganisang Lucban. It has been sometime since I ate some so just a few days back I fried a dozen of them for lunch! Paired with a plateful of rice and dipped in vinegar and viola! One perfect lunch is served. I was full and all thoughts of dieting and losing weight flew straight out the window! ^_^

I was actually dreaming of pancit habhab, hardinera and budin while I was having lunch that day! How I loved all those mouth-watering Quezon specialties and wished there is a Buddy’s branch nearby that I can frequent whenever the craving strikes. Oh well I can only hope that I’d be able to eat these delights again and soon!

What delicious local food you had lately?