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lunchdate at mary grace cafe

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I have been meaning to try Cafe Mary Grace but never found the time and the budget for it. Good thing I finally managed to give this restaurant a try when I went on a playdate with my mum friends from my old work and their tots last month. One of my friend, Moi, also wanted to eat at the place so it was our hands down choice for lunch that day.

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

I simply love pasta and meatballs so I opted for their Pasta Ametriciana With Italian Meatballs {Php232}, while one of my friends ordered their Vongole Pasta {sea foods}. In addition, we also ordered a pitcher of their Homemade Iced Tea {Php 246} and an order of their Italian Sausage pizza {Php440}. I simply love everything! ^_^

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

I also love the cafe. Everything is simply beautiful, from the whimsical hanging decorations in the ceiling, to the lovely notes in the equally wonderful table set-up, to the mismatched plates! I also love that they have these little hooks under the table where you stow away your belongings while dining it, and attentive staff, to boot! I also particularly love that they have all-natural, no-preservatives premium ingredients in their food. Apart from that, the food is simply divine and for those who have bigger appetite, am sure they will also appreciate the generous serving of their meals.

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

We had a very pleasurable lunchdate, feasting on our delectable meals while exchanging wonderful stories and trying to catch up on each other’s lives. It has been ages, after all, since we last saw each other.

food musings, foodie adventures, restaurants, eating, pizza, pasta

It was a good thing the little men occupied themselves playing games while the mums finished our delightful meals. I thoroughly enjoyed our Cafe Mary Grace experience and I give this place 5 thumbs up! I do hope we can eat there again real soon.

Have you tried Cafe Mary Grace? I would love to hear about your experience in a comment below and do not forget to check out this interesting site where I found a tuxedo vest perfect for future fine dining experience, while you are at it! 🙂

Mary Grace Cafe
Lower Ground Floor ~ SM Aura Premier
C5 Road cor 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City

Trying Out New Treats At Wham Burger

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I know I’ve mentioned that I am a big fan of Wham Burger. I have dined in their branches at Shangri-la Mall and in Quezon City and I have only good words about my experience. Needless to say, I just had to say yes when I got an invite to try the new items on their menu at their SM North ~ The Block branch.

Now a food review is something new to me, but it s easy enough as other reviews go and I really had a great time trying out one Wham treat after another with fellow foodie bloggers. I won’t keep you waiting for much longer, here are the food items we tried that day and my two cents about them:

Wham With Cheese

restaurants, foodie finds, burgers, food reviews

This huge burger treat boasts of a rich, char-grilled 100% beef flavor and any burger-loving foodie will never go wrong with this one. Add a generous slice of cheese to the mix and you got a perfect burger anyone would simply love! Just a warning, if you plan to sample more Wham Burger dishes, do share this very big burger with your companion! ^_^

Slider Trio

restaurants, foodie finds, burgers, food reviews

The Slider Trio {php250} is another new offering at Wham Burger and it is comprised of 3 Wham Burger best sellers in smaller size ~ Cheese Burger, Wham Burger and Bacon Burger. This is a perfect treat for first-timer and when dining in with your family or your friends, as you can easily sample 3 different burgers in one order and have the option to finish it all by yourself or sharing it with 2 of your companions.

The Perfect Side Dishes:

Any Wham Burger meal is made better with any or all of these equally yummy side dishes!

Spaghetti Fries {Php70}

restaurants, foodie finds, burgers, food reviews

This is one of the side dishes I absolutely enjoyed that day. I simply love the spaghetti as it reminds me so much of the sweet and meaty spaghetti my Mama used to make for us. I did not know spaghetti and fries go too well together until I tried this! It is just delish and is now one of my faves!

Pepper Poppers {Php70}

restaurants, foodie finds, burgers, food reviews

This is one of my new Wham Burger faves! We simply cannot stop popping these onto our mouths. I particularly enjoyed the crunchy bite, but the revelation is the cheesy, gooey Jalapeno filling. The union of Jalapeno and cheese is simply love and I really enjoyed its yummy flavor! This one is really a must-try!

Potato Wedges {Php70}

restaurants, foodie finds, burgers, food reviews

These potato wedges are ideal for those who simply love to eat their burger with fries. The generous potato slices is a bonus to allow you to enjoy your potatoes even more!

Onion Rings {Php70}

restaurants, foodie finds, burgers, food reviews

I always order this whenever I eat at Wham Burger, what can I say. Onion rings are simply my fave and Wham Burger has one of the best onion rings around! But do not take my word for it, you have to try them for yourself!

Cross Trax Fries {Php70}

restaurants, foodie finds, burgers, food reviews

This is another interesting potato side dish that would complement any burger meal well. I also enjoyed downing a few pieces.

Mum’s two cents

restaurants, foodie finds, burgers, food reviews

As always, Wham Burger never fails to deliver! I have always loved and enjoyed their grilled tasty burger that is why every dining experience in one of their branches is something to look forward to. And did I mention that it is the only Filipino-owned burger chain around? Yes, they are that cool!

My most fave will have to be the Spaghetti Fries which really captures the Filipino’s love for sweet spaghetti, topped it with fries and it’s a mouth-watering treat all its own. Another crowd favorite is the Pepper Popper and we simply cannot get enough of its delicious gooey goodness. And now that I think about it, I cannot wait to have another bite. Of course, I also enjoyed the burger meals I have tried that day! I am looking forward to my next dining experience at Wham Burger and these new treat will surely be included in my meal! Do try these new delectable items in the Wham Burger menu, along with their other bestsellers, if you haven’t already! 🙂

Note: It has been sometime since I have updated this foodie blog and I cannot wait to share some of the most delicious discoveries I made lately. I will make sure to update you soon with great food finds and anything food-related, like this cool website for table linens, for example. In the meantime, let us all have a delicious life, shall we? ^_^

Wham Burgers
Branches: Katipunan, Shangri-La Edsa Plaza, Midtown Mall, SM North Edsa ~ The Block, and Mall of Asia
Website: www.whamburgers.com
Facebook: Wham! Burger

Twitter: @WhamBurgersPH
Instagram: @whamburgersph